The Chances Of Recovery With Opiate Addiction Treatment

The Chances Of Recovery With Opiate Addiction Treatment

The number of individuals abusing pain medications is at a record high. For years now, it has become quite the health disaster, and it keeps on claiming many lives on a daily basis. As it stands, it is estimated that a total of well over 12 million individuals in the U. S alone are addicted to using one or more painkillers and opiate-derived drugs. The problem has been exacerbated ten-fold owing to the ease of access to the substances. They are readily available, and this gives the authorities a real headache when it comes to controlling their flow and distribution and when dealing with opiate addiction treatment.

Painkillers abuse has received a declaration to be a national emergency in some states for instance Vermont. Lawmakers are now requesting many millions of dollars to help them deal with the out-of-control situation. The recent statistical figures from the relevant bodies state that around 12 million people in the U. S alone are currently hooked on using prescription drugs. They use them to relieve pain and to get the sweet sensation that comes with using the medicines.

The problem with getting started with the drugs is that they lead to what is known as a slippery-slope scenario. In other words, once you get started on using the various designer painkillers out there, it will be next-to-impossible for you to quit and do away with the habit. Chances are you will want to keep on increasing the dosage, and before they realize it, they are already hooked on stronger and much deadlier drugs.

Once the chemicals get etched into the system, it becomes the hardest thing for you to reverse their after-effects. Any attempt to leave the drugs now becomes problematic since you will now have to come face to face with the withdrawal demons.

Withdrawal symptoms experienced by most of the users vary and differ from one individual to the next. Typically, though, they include excessive night sweats, insomnia, anxiety and paranoia, muscle aches and fatigue, runny nose and watery eyes, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and even increased heartbeats.

A majority of the treatments available today are still in their experimental and research states. They make use of a combination of regimens to attempt to help the addicts flush out the drugs from their systems. Medications commonly used are methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine. The treatment drugs make it difficult for the permanent bonding of the chemical substances to the vital receptors in our brains, and consequently, they prevent addiction from taking over our bodies.

Medications always work hand in hand with other treatment options. For assured recoveries, experts request patients to mix the drugs with the guidance and counseling. Talking to people always helps to work wonders with the rebound process. Developing a support network is great for the patients since it makes sure they keep on the right path and avoid the triggers which might cause them to slip and slide back to addiction.

In conclusion, The recovery process from such drugs is an expensive affair. All that money and effort will go to waste if the persons being helped and assisted are not able and willing to give it their all so that they recover. The bulk of the work lies in their hands and their hearts and minds.

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