Tape In Hair Extensions Give Volume

Tape In Hair Extensions Give Volume

There are more ways to wear cool styles without a wig or hairpieces that can be taken out easily. Weaves and extensions of today have come a long way and look more realistic than in previous generations. Wearing tape in hair extensions can lets the wearing have almost any style without pain or sitting in a salon for hours.

Anyone who chooses this application will find it presents the best of both worlds but last longer than bonding glue alone but like a lacefront wig, look very natural. This method is a great way to make it look thicker and fuller. It is also great for anyone who wants extensions that last a few weeks.

Like most weaves there are many different types of hair a person can switch from as often as they like. Once a professional removes the taped weft, the wearer can try a new style if their tresses are in good condition. Anyone who wants color can do this without dealing with mixing of chemicals and the expectations that come with using dyes.

Many people like this method because of the lasting results without a base to secure the hair. Before weaves required braiding or use of a cap to keep it in place. While this may be used with coarse or thick tresses, it may be best to use a professional for the first time or two.

When caring for this type of hairstyle, it is best to consider lifestyle. For instance, if a person is really athletic or works out often, shampooing often is recommended. This reduces the odor and sweat that can build near the scalp.

Dry shampoo may work for the extensions but eventually, the tresses underneath will need a vigorous massage and cleaning. Also, the drying time of this type of extension can be longer for those who usually air dry. One solution would be to wrap all hair in a turban designed for fast drying, followed by using a blow dryer with low heat.

People with a dry mane should be extra cautious because heavy oils may cause the extensions to separate. To retain moisture, using a lightweight moisturizer after drying will help prevent breakage. Pure coconut or jojoba oils are good for keeping strands healthy without being heavy. Hair that is dry should also take a week or two from weaves so the tresses can return to normal.

The most important part of keeping any extensions looking new is preparation before going to sleep. Some wear a few large braids or pigtails before going to bed as a way to prevent matting. Others may go a step further by using satin pillowcases.

Before investing in this service or product, it may be best to speak with someone who is knowledgeable about the process and daily maintenance. A person looking to make their hair look thicker will have different needs than someone who wants for their hair to be longer or straighter. They can also make practical suggestions for which products can be used so that tresses will look salon fresh for weeks.

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