Some Things To Consider Before Visiting Suboxone Doctors Richmond

Some Things To Consider Before Visiting Suboxone Doctors Richmond

Long term addictions, particularly ones involving opiate based products and opium, are very hard to get rid of or even break away from. Quite a few believe that it can be done cold turkey through the use of sheer willpower but this has been proven to be more foolish than wise. Quite a few have taken to drug substitution therapy involving suboxone. If you are of a mind to take drug substitution therapy by going to any one of suboxone doctors Richmond, VA facilities, then do read on for more information on this drug.

Many opiate users who have protracted use of opium and opiates are recommended to go down a moderate path of slowly substituting the drug with a synthetic drug called suboxone. The generic term for this substitute is Buprenorphine. It is a drug that has been manufactured to lessen and alleviate dependence on more commonly known opiates and narcotics such as hydrocordone, Oxycontin, codeine, morphine, heroin, fentanyl and other methadone class drugs.

Many ways exist apart from pure injections or syringes to introduce this synthetic into the body. Many have done so by using specially designed skin films and patches for trans dermal introduction whilst others have even taken it nasally and orally. The after effects of this drug is long lasting and it is extremely important that it be kept away from children at home. It is known to cause fatal respiratory suppression in children.

This is also a mild painkiller that has met with success in the management of pain for those suffering from Stenosis pain and those related with DDD or degenerative disc disease. Vicodin users will say that this is the better drug, and also report an overall all high feeling in its first stage that later turns into a feeling out of it phase.

Side effects for long term use of this drug does exist. Symptomatic side effects include but are not limited to abnormal response to stress, loss of sexual interest, loss of emotional control and hair loss. More acute symptoms that occur due to abuse come in the form of profuse sweating, drowsiness, vomiting, nausea, digestive disorders and more.

Many who have taken this synthetic opiate do tend to abuse, especially by chronic opiate users. They use this suboxone as a way to prevent withdrawal symptoms from occurring when having a lull in between heroin and opiate sessions. Yet other users abuse the drug as an alternative means to get high. The abuse of this drug due to this purpose has been on the increase and so has the rates for buprenorphine caused seizures. This is apparent in the states of West Virginia, Massachusetts, New York and Maine.

Many have also experienced the fatal effects of the drug when they use it in conjunction with alcohol during drug sessions. Suboxone has a reactive elements or substances list that includes 844 known substances, and 261 of these substances can cause fatal reactions and results.

Hopefully this article is of use to the prospective wellness and recovery of yourself or someone you know. Always get as much information when trying out new methods on the road to health.

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