More About Pollen Allergy In Atlanta

More About Pollen Allergy In Atlanta

Pollen is the fine and coarse powdery substance that contains individual pollen grains and is transferred from one plant to another during a process called pollination. Pollen is the main fertilizing agent in plants. Pollen grains are known to cause several allergies. It is imperative to have the required know how to deal with any pollen allergy Atlanta so that you remain prepared when they arrive.

A couple of symptoms manifests pollen allergy. The most common ones include sneezing, congestion of the nose and a runny nose. Others include watery eyes, an itchy throat and ears and a little bit of wheezing.

Pollen allergies are mostly known for escalating asthma condition in individuals. People with this condition should observe extra care in situations where they come close to plants so that they do not become affected by the pollen.

Pollen allergies are of different kinds. The major aspect that sets the line between these allergies is the parent plant from which the pollen grains originate from. Some plants are known for their harmless pollen grains.

The birch tree is the most common culprit, and as trees blossom, this particular tree can produce up to six million grains with the grains travelling vast distances away from the parent tree. Oak trees are second on the list, and they are known for sending their grains in the air during spring. Despite the fact that this tree is considered to be a mild allergen, the grains stay in the air for a long time making them a risk to people with allergies.

Pollen allergies from grass are perilous and exhibit most of the serious signs that pollen allergies show. Grass is grown almost everywhere making this kind of allergy a common one.It is, therefore important to watch out for grass when going about your day to day activities.

Doctors in Atalanta have the nous needed to detect allergies, but it is better when allergists partake on that task. In a number of cases, the doctors refer you to the allergists since they are specialized and are better poised to deal with the allergies. Allergies need to know the medical record an individual holds before making any meaningful conclusion on their case.

Frequently, allergists are forced to make skin prick tests to confirm whether specific allergens are responsible for your allergy. It is worth noting that there are numerous allergens and pollen grains are just a single pick from the rest. It is paramount to take the necessary caution when going outdoors to avoid coming into contact with plants that spread pollen grains in the air.

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