Learn How A Seattle Chiropractic Office Provides Wellness Care

Learn How A Seattle Chiropractic Office Provides Wellness Care

There is a lot of discussion going on about the concept of chiropractic wellness care. Those who consider it unnecessary may be depriving themselves of a valuable resource. Other wellness maintenance care includes preventative dental care that requires regular check-ups and vaccinations to prevent disease. The spine, with its nerve roots located at the spinal cord, is a part of the body that Seattle Chiropractic can help to maintain in optimal health.

Your spine is made up of thirty-three bones called vertebrae. Intervertebral discs cushion the flexible ones from impacting each other as an individual moves. The spinal cord, that contains all the nerve roots, is encased and protected by the vertebrae.

When a chiropractor is evaluating pain in any part of the body, it can be attributed to a misalignment of the vertebrae. Each correlates with a specific body part. One example is the fact that the cervical vertebrae are the cause of headache and neck pain. Low back pain is caused by nerves in the lumbar area.

A healthy spine exists when all vertebrae are aligned. This indicates that there will be no nerve pain. That type of pain comes when a vertebra is out of place and exerts pressure against one of them.

When the vertebrae are subluxated the way to restore spinal health is through the use of manual adjustments. As the individual lies face-down on a table, pressure is applied to specific places to gradually coax the bones back into the correct position. This process can be compared to the way orthodonture coaxes the teeth into their correct position in the jaw.

The way to deal with minor subluxations is to detect them while they are still minor. Having your spine checked on an annual basis may avoid one from causing a herniated disc. Taking the preventative measure of chiropractic wellness care will enable correction of any subluxations and maintain the spine in its correct position.

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