Important Aspects On Breast Implants Michigan Health Professionals Need To Know

Important Aspects On Breast Implants Michigan Health Professionals Need To Know

Breast enhancement procedures have become quite common in modern times. The operation which is also known as mammoplasty, is mainly done for cosmetic reasons. The objective is to insert a prosthesis (implant) into the breast tissue with the aim of altering the shape or increasing the size. If they intend to undergo this operation, there are a number of facts on breast implants Michigan clients need to understand.

Other than the cosmetic reasons that exist, there are several medical indications that may create the need for the procedure. One of them is the existence of small mammary glands due to what is referred to as developmental hypoplasia. There is a need in this case to increase the size of the breasts. Weight loss that follows a period of pregnancy may result in significant symmetry of the glands. Prosthesis may be needed to correct it.

When it comes to implants, there are two main options that exist. The general structure is that implants are made of a shell made of rubber and then either filled with silicone gel or saline. The first type that is pre-filled with silicone gel requires the creation of a surgical incision for the prosthesis to be inserted. As for the second type, the shell is placed in position first before being filled with the saline.

Each of the types is associated with a number of advantages and disadvantages. The silicone implants are more preferred of the two options due to their more natural feel (which is what most persons that want implants desire). The main downside is the fact that they are prefilled hence are less malleable. The incisions needed are larger. The saline implants are more flexible hence can be placed through small surgical incisions.

The surgery itself is quite simple as long as it is conducted by a qualified surgeon. On average, it lasts between forty five minutes and an hour. The duration may be slightly longer in the event that complications are encountered. General anesthesia will be administered meaning that you will be asleep during the entire operation. The surgeons will place the prosthesis in the space located between the chest wall and the breast tissue.

There is a need to be aware of the potential complications of this surgery even though they are quite few. During the operation, the most likely complications are excessive bleeding and reaction to the anesthetic drugs used. Immediately after, the worry should be onset of infections around the surgical incision but this can easily be brought under control using antibiotics. In the long term, leakages of saline and silicone gel may occur.

You need a couple of days to weeks to recover fully from the effects of the operation. You will have a post-operative visit to the clinic after two weeks so that the doctor can examine you and rule out any complications. It is important that you avoid strenuous activities both before and after this visit so as to avoid inflicting injury to the surgical site.

The results of this operation vary from one person to another. Factors that may cause this variability include type and severity of condition, the techniques employed and patient specific factors such as their physiological make-up. Whereas some people are happy with the results others are unsatisfied and even request for revision. Bear in mind also that gravity will result in sagging over time.

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