Gaining Cognizance About Lu Jong Instruction

Gaining Cognizance About Lu Jong Instruction

For starters, this concept has nothing to do with martial arts, a certain operation, or medication but this refers to a variety of exercises using bodily movements and breathing with rhythm. This was derived from a tradition in an ancient Tibetan healing using the movement of our body. The whole practice was passed down from generation to generation that it even reached to develop by the monks in Bon tradition at the Himalayan mountains before.

Fact is the process is not so difficult to perform and people of different ages could definitely do what is to be taught and even experience its numerous beneficial factors. First of all, Lu means body and Jong means training or transformation in Tibetan. However, none of which implies that this had to do something about religion so there is no need to change beliefs for this is a workout only. For more knowledge and understanding, we shall provide simple concepts to know in Lu Jong instruction.

We already know that each session must have us to develop our breathing and moving capabilities. Not only those capabilities but the blockages on our mental, physical, or energy levels undergo a removal process. Let us awaken our mind and soul because physical activities are not the only issues to deal with here. There is a concept called chakra purification which we could learn.

Giving balance to both the humors and elements are included in the practices because those factors actually give a proper maintenance on our health. Bile, phlegm, and wind are three components of these humors. On the other hand, the wind, earth, fire, water, and space are five components of the elements.

Most of these movements are associated with the improvement of a spine since that should be properly maintained. Even the said guardian of our being gets improved and also in opening our channels which releases blockages and negative energies. That implies that we could prevent diseases by increasing vitality and decreasing negative vibes in doing its activities.

Each of the movement is not the same from other types and let us use the five elements as an example. Having those components in complete harmony or peace shall prevent the bad results to happen like the effects of humors which might be bad emotions or aggravation. Balancing should take place if we want to stay healthy on all aspects.

Five body parts are another concrete example. Enhancing mobility of the head, joints, spine, and hips had been its concentrated exercise. Not only that but opening blockages and increasing motion and strength to our bodies are included as well.

Another group are the five vital organs which have another advantage to our system. This concentrates on the liver, lungs, spleen, kidneys, and more. Joining sessions will improve other factors too like removing blockages and having supplies of energy, blood, and the like.

Lastly, there are the six conditions. This focuses on the addressing the well known ailments like depression, incontinence, low body heat, water retention, tumor, and indigestion. In fact, enhancing the functions of our senses is also part of the package. For those who are interested for more, there are other two which could help in those individuals who have trouble sleeping and being active.

If you are interested in receiving lu jong instruction, you should simply refer to the online page. To find out more about the next class, go to

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