Finding A Portland OR Natural Healer

Finding A Portland OR Natural Healer

Many conventional medical practices are \’one size fits all\’ prescriptions or invasive (scary) treatment protocols. In contrast, a Portland OR natural healer has many safe, effective things that people might want to try as a first response to diagnosis or disorders. Finding a reputable, trained practitioner in alternative healing makes sense.

First of all, there is usually time (some medical practitioners say always time) to try alternative methods first. If one doesn\’t work, try another. There are many ways to address a disorder, from herbal extracts to homeopathic remedies to acupuncture or kinesiology. Finding a healing specialist is as easy as consulting your local phone directory or looking online.

Acupuncture can relieve pain and increase circulation, and there are no side effects. Herbs may help serious conditions like Lyme\’s and cancer that are routinely treated with heavy doses of chemicals and /or antibiotics. Homeopathy is a time-honored form of therapy that is regulated by the FDA and proven safe. Kinesiology, or muscle testing to discover allergic response, has helped many to triumph over chronic conditions.

The maxim to \’do no harm\’ is followed by trained alternative practitioners. They do not want to sacrifice total health in order to alleviate symptoms of illness. Especially in the area of mental health, natural methods can be very effective without risk of addiction or of triggering destructive impulses.

Flower remedies, for example, are totally harmless. If the \’wrong\’ remedy is selected, nothing happens either positive or negative. If the right ones are found, however, drastic improvement can result. These homeopathic substances derived from plant and tree flowers work on the emotional level and can be used in treating children as well as adults.

The research and clinical studies of mental and emotional response to isolated amino acids are fascinating. Rather than starting or continuing with mind-altering drugs, people who suffer from depression, anxiety, or more serious disorders might benefit from targeted use of single amino acids. There are many therapists who are trained in this approach for those with serious disorders, while those with recent, milder problems could try some of the more thoroughly tested supplements.

A holistic practitioner will use dietary changes, vitamin and mineral supplements, and lifestyle recommendations to treat the whole picture of well-being. Vitamin C is an immune system booster which fights bacteria and viruses, benefits skin and connective tissue (like spinal discs), improves vision, and works as a mild diuretic. Lack of magnesium is a common deficiency which can disrupt sleep, contribute to constipation, cause leg cramps, and more. Whether the underlying problem is poor diet, too much stress, chronic pain, or deep depression, supplements and good food choices can help.

A natural healer in Portland OR may use one or many approaches to helping people regain well-being. Anyone interested in alternative methods can do basic research online and find tried-and-true methods that they might want to investigate. Anything that is \’cutting edge\’ or \’way out there\’ should be considered carefully, but it is usually not hard to find actual research to validate claims of successful treatments.

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