Dealing With Children Of Parents With Mental Illness Disorders

Dealing With Children Of Parents With Mental Illness Disorders

When a person has a mental illness, such as bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder, it is sometimes difficult for them to cope with the situation. However, children who are exposed to this will also have a tough time growing up in the home. Children of parents with mental illnesses need to deal with certain issues that are bothering them.

These kids often don’t grow up living as a normal child. They may act as the parent, cooking the meals and attending to younger siblings. It can cause chaos and friction within the home. Very often, the spouse of the parent dealing with the disorder does not act in a responsible manner. They have a lot on their plate and turn to drugs and drinking as well.

Kids, who have to deal with this, will also find that they become depressed and anxious themselves. A lot of children don’t know what to do and are fearful that they are going to be separated from their parents. Fear creeps in when parents become angry due to a disorder like this. They may often lose their temper and become withdrawn.

Children start to withdraw from other family members because of the situation. They usually don’t have friends and become isolated. This can cause other disorders and issues to develop in their adult lives. Some of these memories will be repressed until much later in their life. However, it is something that they have to deal with.

They may not get a lot of support from the other parent, who can also be suffering. There are spouses who don’t take responsibility for the situation. They may find that it is better to allow someone who is depressed to sleep all day. However, this does not help a child feel as if they are loved. Someone with this sort of problem needs to seek counseling.

Children can also become abusive, both verbally and physically themselves. This is something that they adopt from the parent. Sometimes it happens because they are frustrated and they will take it out on others in the school. They will start to bully others and become more aggressive. This is something for teachers to be aware of.

There are a few simple things that one can do in order for the child to feel more settled in their environment. A child feels comfortable when there is routine in the home. This is something that the family can provide with the help of a counselor that is more practical in the way in which they work with the family.

Psychotherapy will be helpful at this stage of a child’s life. It means that they don’t have to battle later on in life when they are married and have children of their own. During this time, a therapist will be able to listen to child as they express themselves. This can be so helpful, especially since most kids feel that nobody is able to listen to them. A therapist can also refer a child to a play therapist who can work with them in a more creative fashion. Sometimes they need to express themselves in this way in order to let out all of the emotions.

You can find a detailed summary of the reasons why you should reach out to children of parents with mental illness at right now.

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