Best Strategies For VAP Prevention

Best Strategies For VAP Prevention

VAP basically refers to ventilator associated pneumonia which usually infects the lungs of a person especially if he is on a ventilator. Ventilator is a type of a machine that is mostly used in assisting patients to breathe using a tube which is typically placed on their mouth or on their noses or at times through a hole located in the neck region. This infection occurs essentially when a germ actually enters the tube and its then transferred to the lungs of a patient. In modern world many organization have come up to create awareness on methods of VAP prevention.

Among all other types of infections acquired in hospital it has been found out that this is the most common and at times it claims lives of about a third of patients who gets it. Those individuals whom have been infected usually spend more time under the ICU and due to this they tend to incur huge treatment costs that expected.

It has often been viewed that about a third of the patients whom gets this kind of infection mostly do not survive. This therefore creates a big role for the nurses to actually look for effective strategies to prevent the infection. Most recently there have improved CDC guidelines based on the deterrence method of controlling the infection but you find that nurses usually do not follow these guidelines.

It has been viewed that for nurses to be in a better position to assist their patient not to acquire this type of infection they actually need to understand the way this infection occurs, the prevention guidelines as well as the reasons why it is necessary to follow such guidelines. One of the deterrent strategies is the management of the air way.

On the other hand pharmacological intervention includes using the antimicrobial agents. Basically these combination use of these methods are meant to actually decrease all possible likelihoods of the colonization of the oropharynx. At times mucus can actually become stagnated and can actually serve as a medium of growth of is therefore advisable to actually maintain an aseptic method when specifically doing the endotracheal suctioning. This is actually very important in the prevention of airways contaminations.

Another possible strategy is through a method called gastric reflux prevention. Basically most of the patients usually possess nasogastric tubes which are meant to predispose them to a gastric reflux. This actually increases the chances of risk of aspiration. An important strategy is to actually inhibit gastric reflux which is mostly controlled by nurses often regarded to as patient poisoning.

Unless for medical reasons the bed of any patient is actually recommended to remain elevated to about forty degrees all the time. Basically simple strategies of prevention helps a lot in reducing the incidences of patients getting infected. Equipment maintenance is another method which need to be employed in controlling the infection.

Cross contamination is another guideline to actually follow. Basically the cross contamination strategies for years have actually remained unchanged. Basically adoption of the significance methods of inhibiting the transmission of germs from health care workers to the possible patients is actually overemphasized.

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