Be Bronzed And Sexy Today Without The Sun: Best Self Tanning Lotion

Be Bronzed And Sexy Today Without The Sun: Best Self Tanning Lotion

Most people who are not naturally darker-skinned, do not enjoy looking like a ghost when summer starts or when going on vacation to the beach. Tanning parlors are not the best for the skin though and not everyone has the time needed to devote to them anyhow, and others just simply don\’t tan very well. Luckily for such people there is the option of self-tanning lotions. It is important to note however, that some of these are considerably better than others. The products listed below have been tested by users and are thought to be some of the best self tanning lotion on the market.

One excellent self tanning lotion was selected as the best from one user panel. It is a bit pricier than some types but it is well worth it because it imparts a very natural-looking tan with hardly any streaking. This self tanning product also has been described as non-sticky and dries quickly. It is colorless and has less odor than some types do. Most users report it lasting for over 1 week.

One other lovely self tanning lotion that is popular with users is also a moisturizer. This self tanning lotion does have a subtlety to it though, and is best used on a daily basis to get optimal results from it. It is faintly scented, goes on smooth and is lower priced than some. Color takes longer to build up, approximately 1 week, but looks natural and non-streaky.


Also user-approved is a self tanning lotion that is popular with testers because of its healthy, natural composition. This self tanning lotion is free of potentially harmful chemicals and has certified natural plant oils and antioxidants blended into it that make it good for the skin and pleasant smelling. Its results are more subtle, developing over 24 hours, but build up gradually.

There is also another self tanning lotion that is considered as one of the best by the user group. The tan it creates is a lovely, healthy bronze glow and it also leaves a sparkling shimmer behind it. Although some say it is a bit runnier, it goes on well in spite of this and generally free of streaks. This self tanning lotion is fairly priced and its results can last up to 1 week.

Any one who is tired of looking pasty and wants to have a lovely bronze glow will be sure to appreciate these best self tanning lotion after they see the lovely results they desire.

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