Early Signs Of Autism To Look Out For And How To Proceed From There

Early Signs Of Autism To Look Out For And How To Proceed From There

When you are expecting a baby, you will probably go for a number of tests, to ensure that they are born healthy. Sometimes, you might find that the tests for some conditions cannot be done until the baby is born. As a parent, if your baby seems unresponsive you need to start looking out for early signs of autism. This way you can get ahead of the situation.

Autism is a spectrum disorder. This simply means that is can be very mild or very severe, with your child falling anywhere in between. Not enough is known about the disorder, but it affects the development of the brain. The signs of the disorder are easy to miss because there are barely any physical markers.

There are a number of signs, which can alert you to this condition. These may affect how the child behaves, how they communicate and even how they interact with others. Things like constantly flapping their hands, not looking at you when you speak, not responding and doing one action repeatedly, are some common signs. You might also notice that the kid may not speak to you, or have any signs of empathy.

You can get you child tested at one of the hospitals for youngsters in Dallas, Texas. This will allow you to know where they fall on the autism scale, and also how to start dealing with it. One thing you will need to do is accept the condition as it is. You need to continue loving the child and providing all the support you can. This will be made easier if you read up on the subject, or even join a support group.

People tend to relate autistic children with tantrums and meltdowns. However, you will find that most of these children are actually well behaved, and all most of their outbursts have a reason. They may be having difficulties communicated or may be in a place that overstimulates them. The best way to deal with this is to encourage your child to express themselves, and to avoid places like carnivores or shopping malls, which can frustrate them.

Sometimes, your youngster might get overwhelmed or frustrated and end up hurting themselves. In these situations, you need to keep reminding them that this is not a good thing, and provide them with outlets for their frustration. Weighted blankets and soft brushes can be used to provide them with the stimuli they need, to prevent them from scratching their skin.

The placement of your kid on the spectrum will determine whether you can enroll them at a regular school or not. Taking a severely autistic child to a normal school will frustrate them, the teachers, and the parents. Although the special schools might be more expensive, they will be a lot better for their development.

As the parent, it might seem like a lot of work, but once you know what to expect and how to deal with it, it will get easier. You have to remember to reward your child no matter how small the progress. This will encourage them to like social interaction, and will make their adult lives easier.

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