Benefits Of Natural Insecticide Over Chemical Based Pesticides

Benefits Of Natural Insecticide Over Chemical Based Pesticides

Currently, the number of people suffering from diseases as a result of taking food with some chemicals is high. These illnesses may occur as a result of using inorganic insecticides to manage crop pests. For this reason farmers are being advised to use organic insecticides to protect their crops from the harmful pests. Organic foods from the use of these organic insecticides are safe health wise and free from any chemicals. However, the number of farmers using natural fertilizers is very low. This has been contributed by lack of knowledge on their importance. Here are some reasons why you use natural insecticide in managing pesticides.

As opposed to the synthetic insecticides that cause negative effects on your crops or farm, the organic ones are reliably save. The synthetic ones may cause spontaneous multiplication of genes while the organic ones cannot. These synthetic ones also have toxins that may harm your soil rendering it infertile.

The artificial fertilizers have the ability to bio-magnify. This means that they may remain in the crops for a very long time to some extent reaching the harvest time. This makes the harvested crops poisonous and may cause ailments like cancer. To avoid these effects, organic insecticides made from organic elements are best. They are completely enriched in the soil hence totally used up.

Organic pesticides are derived from plants and other naturally developed microorganisms. You can also use some insects to control the rest that are harmful to your land. These do not disrupt the productivity of your land or affect the soil content. When choosing the type of pesticide to use, make sure that you consider their chemical level and the effect that it will have on the soil.

The source of these organic insecticides is mainly plants and microorganisms. Due to this, they do not interfere with the contents of the soil and its properties. This is why you should you having knowledge on the level of chemicals of these insecticides and the effects they are likely to bring to your soil and crops.

The organic insecticides are mainly emanated from plants and microorganisms. This makes them to be able to effectively and highly maintain soil fertility as they destroy the pests. They do this without interfering with the contents of the soil and its properties. The level of chemicals of any insecticide you decide to use and the likely results of using it are major factors to consider before deciding the insecticide to use.

Deciding the type of insecticides to use on your farm is very simple. However, knowing the effects that may result from the insecticide you use can be challenging. There are two major types of insecticides, the organic ones and the non-organic ones. The two help to keep track of the crop pests effectively.

This article recommends the use of organic insecticides due to their advantages. The advantages include the preservation of vital microorganisms and insects in the soil and the improvement of soil fertility. This article discusses the various reasons why you apply organic insecticides. Meditate on the issues discussed here prior to purchasing any insecticides.

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