Comoros Flag History And The Flag Company Inc

Comoros Flag History And The Flag Company Inc

The History of Comoros started from prehistoric times. The earliest residents of the tropical island were believed to be immigrants from Polynesia. Comoros history was first documented in 1505.

The first inhabitants were probably of African origin, followed by the same Austronesian people who colonized Madagascar. The islands became an important stop-off point for the trade that developed between the Arab world, Madagascar, Asia and the east coast of Africa that resulted in the Swahili culture. It wasn’t just goods that were exchanged: traders married in the islands and set up families, and large numbers of slaves were moved around the region.

The opening of the Suez Canal substantially lessened the islands\’ importance as an entrepôt, though not their strategic value. European colonial powers agreed that the Comorian archipelago would come under French rule in 1886-87, and it became an overseas territory of France in 1947. Three of the islands gained independence in 1975.

The Comoros Flag was planned in 2001 yet got the official endorsement just on January 7, 2002. The sickle, stars, and the green shading are the customary images of Islam. The national banner of Comoros comprises of four flat stripes: the top stripe is yellow trailed by white, red, and blue, which is at the base of the banner. On the left half of the Comoros, the banner is a green level triangle that comprises of a white bow with four, five-pointed stars lined up vertically.

The bow, stars, and the green shading speak of Islam which is the prevailing religion of Comoros. The four hues: yellow, white, red, and blue symbolize the four islands of the country: Moheli, Mayotte, Anjouan, and Grand Comore. The four stars on the banner speak of these islands. The Flag Company Inc represented considerable authority in banner plans offered an exceptional version of decals and banners to remember the historical backdrop of Comoros Flag for the future generations.

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