Learn How To Make Moonshine

Learn How To Make Moonshine

Moonshine is a term for illegally produced alcohol. Given that the production of this alcohol was prohibited, illegal distilleries were hidden in the hills, and at night the process was conducted under the moonlight. Although you should keep in mind that this is prohibited, basically, here are a few guidelines on how to make moonshine.

You can make your whiskey using different grains, fruits and even vegetables. Even so, the most popular ingredient for this purpose is corn. It really very simple. You need 5 lb cornmeal, the same amount of white sugar, 10 gallons of water and some high quality brewer’s yeast. Some like adding some malt extract as well.

You will also need a stove, stainless steel pot, a thermometer and a spoon, and it would be great having a cooker where you can precisely adjust the exact temperature. The basic mixture is prepared easily. Simply adjust the heater on maybe 120 F, not more than 145 degrees F, and when the water is warm enough, slowly stir in the cornmeal. After that add sugar and continue stirring for another half an hour, until everything becomes thick and homogeneous.

Remove the pot from the stove and let the mixture to cool. In the meantime, crumble the yeast cube in a small amount of water, stir until melted, then add to the mixture, along with a little malt extract, if desired. Mix well and transfer the contents of the pot into a larger plastic, ceramic or glass dish. Cover the bowl with a clean cotton cloth and let stand in a warm place.

After a while, on the top of the mix you will see the foam forming. It will continue growing for a few days. Once this growth process stops, the mixture is ready for the next step. It will probably take somewhere between ten and fourteen days. Now you should strain everything into your distillation pot made out of stainless steel, never of aluminum.

Good quality distillation pots can be found online. For those who decide to buy one, it is recommended to choose New Zealand made ones, they produce really good ones. Maybe the main reason for this is that home distilleries are legal there, and they make the best equipment. Of course, you may design your own distillation pot using your old pressure cooker, one long copper tube and simple cold water filled sink.

Put your distillation pot on the stove and adjust the temperature on precisely 177 degrees F. This is the boiling point of grain alcohol. It means that on this point alcohol will turn into ethanol steam. Before it happens, on lower temperature, the liquid that will come through the cooling tube will contain methanol, because this poisonous compound becomes steam at lower temperatures. That’s why you should discard any liquid that comes out before the desired temperature of the pot is reached.

When the mixture in the pot reaches the desired temperature, discard the liquid that was previously released, and continue distillation. Pour in the alcohol obtained in clean bottles and seal. You got whiskey with 90% alcohol, which should be diluted with spring water. It’s not a bad idea to acquire some small oak barrels and keep moonshine there, to obtain special flavor.

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