What You Need To Do When Organizing A Movie Marathon

What You Need To Do When Organizing A Movie Marathon

Everyone loves to watch movies because they are great for entertainment and a way to escape into a fictional world where you could let your imagination run wild. And if you have the free time to view a lot of films consecutively, then a marathon session sounds like a great idea for a party of one or for several people. Look to the tips listed below to guide you on preparing a movie marathon at home.

Although it might be called a party, you can have the option of enjoying it all by yourself should you choose to do so. However, if you intend to have your friends over at Roanoke, VA to help with your home media setup, then invite them along for the fun. After all, the more the merrier, as the saying goes, so think about sending out invitations when you like to have other people over.

The application of themes is a wonderful idea considering a movie marathon is essentially a party, and parties are always fun when a theme is involved. A good rule of thumb to follow is choosing movies that fall within the same cinematic genre. For example, when Halloween is fast approaching, you could cherry pick a selection of horror films to provide some chills and thrills.

Movies in general are typically lengthy affairs, with average runtimes going for at least two hours. That being said, you should think about the number of titles you have to screen for a specified period of time. If you plan on spending a good chunk of a weekend afternoon screening a bunch of films, then you could easily fit in approximately four to five movies in that timeframe.

Recreate the experience of going to a theater by preparing lots of snacks and refreshments. Obviously, popcorn is a ubiquitous crowdpleasing item, as are ice cold sodas and juices of various flavors. However, you could also provide healthier alternatives like a vegetable platter with several bowls of different dipping sauces if you prefer to skip the junk food.

Oftentimes, your guests may feel that your bladder or bowels are full and ready to burst just when you are in the middle of your marathon. In this regard, it is imperative that your bathrooms must be clean and fresh for use. Set aside rolls of toilet paper, some hand towels, and a bottle of hand soap so guests can clean their hands right after they do their business in the toilet.

Create an atmosphere of comfort by decorating your living room with some key accessories. If your marathon is set during daytime, close your windows with dark curtains. Next, provide your guests with plenty of pillows and blankets so they can choose to lounge on the floor if they wish. There is no need to be so formal since this affair is supposed to be casual and relaxing in nature.

Finally, come up with exciting games to make the event more engaging. Instead of just quietly sitting or lying around and watching the TV monitor playing the movie, do something creative that will make your moviegoing experience memorable. For instance, you and your invited guests could recite lines of dialogue along with the characters and anyone who messes up should perform a dare.

Movie marathons are perfect for relieving stress as well as an opportunity to bond with friends after not seeing them in a long while. Keep to the advice mentioned here so you could achieve a successful house party. Above all, have fun throughout the whole thing and simply let loose.

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