Why 3D Body Scanning Technologies are a Boon for Fashion Industry?

Why 3D Body Scanning Technologies are a Boon for Fashion Industry?

3 D body scanning is a core technology globally developed for apparel mass customization and other applications in apparel industry for more than a decade. The system designed for body scanning is based on different depth-sensing techniques. 3D body scanning technologies are helping to shift the focus of apparel production from huge quantities of readymade garments to designer outfits with customized sizing and design features. A set of technological advances including body scanning has given rise to an evolving strategy of “mass customization” – bringing customers into design and production stages, resulting in well-fitting, personalized garments in better turnaround times and competitive prices. Body scanners play a vital role in mass customization as they enable retailers to rapidly collect 3D measurement data for each consumer. The software embedded in the scanner analyzes high-resolution images of the body to extract standardized and precise tailoring measurements. In addition to the advanced design and production processes, body scanners allow consumers to benefit from a contemporary form of automated size selection & customized products.

Pattern grading is the scaling of a prototype to a different size by implementing important points of the pattern using an algorithm in the apparel and footwear industry. What is the purpose of grading clothing patterns? It’s basically the phenomenon increasing or decreasing the size of a pattern proportionally while maintaining fit, shape, scale and balance of the garment. Historically, the science of grading went hand-in-hand with the beginning of commercial patterns and mass-production of pattern-built clothing some 150 years ago. To properly fit a design to an array of sizes, each piece of pattern needs to be graded. Today, apparel manufacturers and clothing companies take a middle sized pattern and grade it up for different sizes as per requirements.

Since 1979, [TC]² has turned research into reality from design to delivery for the fashion industry. They are the premier innovation incubator, trusted consultancy and technology ground breaker for retailers, brands and manufacturers. They identify and solve global challenges in manufacturing and developing 3 D body scanners through implementing progressive technology, driving lean processes through the product life cycle and empowering employee engagement.

About [TC] ²:

[TC] ² is a leading company that offers world class 3D body scanners and other body scanning technological solutions including shape analysis equipment for vast array of industries including apparel, medical, health & fitness etc.For more details, visit Tc2.com.

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