Facts About The Pecan Season Georgia Growers Want You To Know

Facts About The Pecan Season Georgia Growers Want You To Know

Georgia may be known as the Peach State, but it actually produces more pecans than anywhere else in the country. Southwest Georgia, Dougherty County specifically, is the epicenter of the industry. Although the nuts can be purchased all year long, they are actually harvested between the months of October and November. This crop is extremely important to Georgia’s economy, and the state is relieved when the pecan season Georgia growers work so hard for is successful. Before purchasing loose pecans, you should have some information about them.

Orchard production can be a risky business, and it is not cheap to establish a successful one. The temperature has to be favorable and the soil has to be of the right consistency for trees to grow properly. The flatter the land they are planted on, the easier it is to grow and harvest them. Most people would not think about this when they see a pecan orchard, but these trees have been planted in a deliberate design to promote pollination. They bear fruit at a young age, but growers have a ten or twelve year investment before they see any return.

Many people never see pecans in their shells. They have only purchased them halved or crushed in pre-packaged containers. If you are going to buy them fresh at a market though, you should know what to look for. The shells should be brown and smooth, and you should pick the fattest ones. If it doesn’t look very healthy, it is probably not.

Even with their shells on, pecans are fruit and as such they are perishable if not properly stored. They last longer if you leave them in the shells, but either way they should be stored in an airtight container. Keep them away from onions and garlic because they tend to take on the odors around them.

Pecans may be high in calories, but they are full of fiber and an excellent source of protein. Individuals who are watching their cholesterol levels will be happy to know that nuts are a good addition to their diet. They are delicious raw or added as ingredients to a variety of recipes.

Most Southerners know what good holiday gifts pecans can be. Baking a pecan pie and delivering it to a neighbor or friend as a present will make you a popular and welcome visitor. Many people like to add them to an assortment of nuts or candies in a colorful tin, and send them off to relatives in states where pecans are a delicacy.

Adding some information about the history of these nuts is a fun idea. You can print out a simple note letting the recipient know they have received a gift that has an interesting history.

A lot of people are interested in eating healthier and more organically these days. It is nice to know that a little nut can be an excellent addition to that lifestyle.

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