Get the Best Quality Stretch Films from Trusted Market Leaders

Get the Best Quality Stretch Films from Trusted Market Leaders

Stretch films are some of the most important requirements of manufacturing industries which are used for the transportation of goods from one place to another. In order to keep products safe and secure while transportation these packaging films are mostly used by manufacturing companies. Basically, a stretch film is a thin and highly stretchable plastic film which is used to wrap around the items and to keep the goods safe from tampering. These films come in a wide variety of thicknesses and widths and are used according to the product requirements. Also, these films provide high stability to the goods because high elasticity plastic is used to manufacture them. They also help in protection of goods from dust and moisture and therefore, preferred by companies. Today, there are several types of stretch films available in the market such as bundling stretch film, hand stretch film, extended core stretch film, machine stretch film and static dissipative film which are used for specific requirements.

The basic material which is used for producing high quality machine stretch film is linear low-density polyethylene. This material offers more strength and extra elasticity and is suitable for packaging of almost all products. Apart from this, several different types of polyethylene and PVC materials are also used for making high quality plastic stretch films.

Today, there are certain dedicated companies that offer high quality stretch films but out of many of them Malpack crop is one of the best options which you can take into consideration. It is the most renowned company of Canada which is committed to offer top quality products to its clients. The company stocks a wide variety of products including hand stretch films, specialty filmetc and offer them at the most reasonable prices. Along with this, the company offers private label programs to the customers who are looking forward to create their own brand image in the market. The range of products offered by Malpack includes stretch max films, pro-max films, platinum max films etc.

About Malpack Corp:

Established in 1998, Malpack Corp is one of the leading stretch wrap film manufacturers that expels in producing and supplying top quality stretch films ranging from standard quality to the ultra-high quality. To know more about the company and its offerings, log onto

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