Get Grooving with Updates on Latest EDM Shows Happening Around you

Get Grooving with Updates on Latest EDM Shows Happening Around you

Anyone who has been to an EDM festival knows what happens when the bass drops. Where the 80’s and 90’s had rock and heavy metal to satisfy their urges of being rebellious and the early 2000’s enjoyed a rise of hip-hop and pop music, our technology driven generation has EDM. Electronic Dance Music in the past few years has risen from nothing to being one of the most followed forms of music around the world. The reason this brand of music enjoys such cult following is because of its simplicity. It is served to the listeners in a way where they find themselves grooving along with the rhythm. Use of extreme low end heavy sounds in groovy rhythmic patterns is what makes EDM so likeable. Melody is not absent either. The producers or more commonly, DJs use Digital Audio Workstations and sophisticated equipment optimized to create electronic music and record it release it to the public and play live. EDM live shows, unlike real live music, comprise of DJs who plays back a selection of tracks composed by them or other artists by segueing them one after the other. It involves no use of real instruments, but complex DJ equipment that control different musical aspects.

Electronic Dance Music is an umbrella term for a huge amount of genres of electronic music including Disco, Electro, House Music, Techno, Trance, Psy Trance, Dubstep etc. They all are different in terms of tempo, complexity, feel and structuring, but follow the same basic idea. The music is popular for being the source of attraction of pubs and clubs which host parties that witness a mass attendance. In situation where so many people are involved and supposed to be having a good time, EDM music is the best way to unite their spirits in the name of fun. This way, they all accomplish their primary objective that brings them to a club.

Because of its high value as an entertainment source, EDM artists and people involved with the business enjoy great commercial success. Factually speaking, EDM is valued at around $4 billion worldwide. Such a big business calls for an outstanding product to the public and EDM festivals around the world don’t fall short on this promise. In the year 2012, Forbes magazine revealed that the Top 10 rated EDM artists have bought in a whooping $115 Million. The artist on the top of that list DJ Tiesto, who made $22 million by his music, credits the viral growth of EDM to social media.

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