Get 3D Body Scanning Process Accomplished with Efficient Body Scanners from Leading Company

Get 3D Body Scanning Process Accomplished with Efficient Body Scanners from Leading Company

3D body scanning is the process of measuring someone’s complete body structure in the most appropriate way in three dimensions. The 3D scanning process articulates result in the form of 3D file on computer, which is also referred as 3D model that provides fine and accurate details of measurement. The result can be saved, in case if any modifications are needed in future. You can also print it with the help of printer to have a more specific layout of the body measurements. This process has huge range of applications from fashion and health to sports, fitness and apparel industry as well. 3D body scanning uses technologies, which are based on structured light (deformation of light) or photogrammetric (images reconstruction) that scan complete body within few seconds and delivers measurements with higher precision.

There are two types of 3D body scanners that are actively employed in apparel and health care facilities; 3D scanning booth which is a cabin embedded with 3D sensors similar to photo booth and the other one is handheld 3D scanner, which is a portable and handy device that is manually operated. With 3D scanning booth, a person is scanned uniformly from all the sides within few second of entering the booth, while the handheld scanner can be used to scan individual body parts like arms, shoulders, chest etc. for having more precise measurements. This technology can be utilized for a lot of purposes; and currently it serves the fashion industry on a very large scale as it is used for perfect styling advice and measurements for the clients which can be unique selling point for any fashion designer.

There are a few reliable companies like [TC]² that provide you with the best 3D body scanners and associated 3D scanning tools, one such scanner is TC2-19B. This scanner is serving as the most advanced way to answer all body scan and measurement needs. It operates on 4D & full 3D color scan mode and is highly useful for virtual fashion, sizing survey, body shape analysis and 3D product development etc.

About [TC]²:

[TC]² is a leading company dealing in the development and research of 3D body scanning solutions that offers virtual fitting and are turning research into reality for fashion industry. They are having an industry leading experience of more than 35 years, which makes them one of the biggest market leaders in this field. To know more, visit

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