Dos And Donts When Using A Menstrual Cup

Dos And Donts When Using A Menstrual Cup

Women are looking for healthy, sanitary and convenient ways to deal with their monthly menses. The use of a menstrual cup is considered a revolution. It has, however, presented several challenges to women especially on how to use and handle it. Proper use allows a woman to be confident and avoid mishap that could be gross and embarrassing. Follow the following tips to have an easy and rewarding experience.

Adhere to the instructions provided. Manufacturers are required to include a guide or brochure on effective use of the cups. The instructions are simplified using diagrams and graphics which provides an effective guide on how to insert it, manage, empty, clean, store, etc. The instructions also include danger signs, recommended activities and the best way to handle its use. Ensure that you understand the instructions to avoid embarrassment and gross encounters.

Hygiene is very important since the cups go into a very sensitive area. Clean your hands thorough to get rid of any dirt under your nails. Any contaminants that will be on your fingers and nails will be pushed in as well. This may lead to unimaginable health complications. Ensure that your hands are rinsed with clean and warm water. The water should be non-perfumed. Fold it in a way that it fits into your virginal canal.

The collected fluid should be emptied in a tidy and hygienic manner. The frequency of emptying depends on the stage of the cycle. If your flow is intense, you might need to empty it more often. As the flow reduces, the frequency also reduces. People dispose the collected fluid in all manner of ways. Some use it in art while others water their gardens. Whichever method you choose, ensure that it is safe and hygienic.

Removing the chalice gets the hands of most women bloody which is not desirable. It feels gross when the fluid spills to the ground. This may be caused by the flexible and tender nature of cups. You might need to find an alternative way of handling your menses if this experience feels gross. This way, you will avoid the mess while still taking care of your menses.

There are people who find it challenging to pee or go for a long call with the chalice on. Unlike tampons, it does not come with a dangling string. You are also required to remove and insert the cup often. There is not danger when you use the toilet with the cup on. Frequent removal and insertion may increase the chances of contamination and infections.

Expect virginal infections from time to time. It is obvious that this is a foreign body inserted in your vagina. It may introduce bacteria that escalate into an infection. If you follow the instructions of use, you will have a smooth experience when using cups. Ensure that your hands are rinsed and dry to avoid altering the PH. This is what causes infections.

It is challenging to have both a chalice and IUD on. The possibility of the IUD being displaced is real. You will therefore risk unplanned pregnancy. To avoid such occurrences, be open to your gynecologist on the use of IUD. You are also allowed to comfortably have sex with the cup inside. It will however depend on whether your partner is comfortable sharing the tiny space with a foreign object.

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