Acquire or Rent a Parking Spot with Space Sharing Economy Apps

Acquire or Rent a Parking Spot with Space Sharing Economy Apps

Sharing economy is a financial model in which individuals can lease or rent their own resources and possessions to the ones who require it at prearranged service charges. The sharing economy model is quite useful when the value of a specific resource is high and is not used by the owner regularly. In such a scenario the owner can opt for sharing his asset with a person who needs it and make money out of it. In this way the resource or asset becomes productive for both the parties.

For instance, if an individual needs a parking space for half of the day and another individual for the other half, then in such a case buying a parking space can be a costly affair. In this situation they can choose parking space for rent as an optimum solution to their parking issues. This significantly reduces excessive expenditures on parking requirements and also proves beneficial for the parking space owners and brings some extra cash.

Well, ParqEx is an amazing app that can prove quite handy and useful for both the parking spot owners and the ones who want to rent them. The app helps you to list your parking spot and rent it on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis as per your wish. The team of ParqEx takes care of all your service requirements and you receive your rental deposits in your account on a weekly basis. With the app you are free to accept or reject a parking space proposal and you can choose the person you wish to rent your space. The app empowers you to solve the parking problems in your community and also gives you a fruitful opportunity to make extra income from monthly parking Chicago rentals.

Renting a spot on the ParqEx is effortless. You can simply enter your arrival/departure date and time and select the most nearest parking spot that the app generates for you within seconds. To have more precise details of the parking location you can switch to toggle map view and you are also free to select a preferred location by using the price filter option. The ParqEx team believes in maintaining complete privacy and security between the owners and renters and they do thorough assessment of every individual account to avoid any security issues.

About ParqEx:

ParqEx is a leading innovation organization offering their app based platform to help parking spot owners and renters in solving parking spaces issues in their community. Owners can rent their spaces by hour, day or overnight parking Chicago and create supplemental income. For more information, visit

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