Suggestions For Tattoo Cover Up

Suggestions For Tattoo Cover Up

If you have a tattoo, then you know what a commitment it is; a lifelong one, because not every person is able to undergo tattoo removal due to cost, time or even pain. However, you may need tattoo cover up solutions for specific situations. Here are a few suggestions to help you find an effective and affordable way to achieve what you want.

Some people get tattoos very spontaneously, which isn’t always the best idea. Because of this, sometimes a piece of artwork ends up somewhere on the body that is very visible and hinders a person’s everyday activities. Visible tattoos can be a problem in a work environment, or they could be unsightly to others such as friends or family. Some tattoos may even cause offense, or simply not be appropriate for specific settings, like a wedding.

Tattoos can be hidden in different ways depending on how big they are, where they are located on the body and also the depth of the artwork and color. Sometimes just a different hairstyle, piece of clothing or accessory is enough to cover it up. This is probably the easiest way to conceal any ink and certainly the cheapest.

There’s a wide variety of makeup brands that specialize in concealing more obvious marks due to acne, hyperpigmentation or tattoo work. These products tend to have a high concentration of pigment in order to properly do the job. It’s always best with such products to gradually build the layers instead of applying one thick layer. This gives a longer-lasting, less obvious finish.

One of the best known brands for concealing marks, pigmentation or tattoos on the skin is Dermablend. While the brand specializes in makeup for this very purpose, there is a separate product called the Leg and Body Cover, which provides medium to full coverage for more than half the day. While this particular product is smear and waterproof, other brands may require additional setting in order to not rub off during the course of the day.

Dermablend may be a bit pricey, but it is worth it to get the job done. Kat Von D is a former tattooing artist with her own self-named cosmetics brand. Surely this is someone who would know how to conceal a piece properly! Kat’s Lock-It Concealer has gotten great reviews, with high pigment and also free of oils to do exactly what you need it to.

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, try the oil-free, maximum coverage concealer by E. L. F. Which is a bestselling product at only $3. Hard Candy also has a great product on offer. The Glamouflage Concealer costs only $6 and you get an additional pencil for outlining the artwork before concealing. These are available in a number of skin tones.

Putting makeup over a tattoo is great for occasional or short-term needs. It works particularly well when the wearer doesn’t actually want to get rid of the artwork. In other cases, though, where some ink may actually be a regret, one of the best ways to cover up said piece is to turn it into something completely new by tattooing an awesome new piece over it to either cover it completely or incorporate it into a new design!

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