How Artists And Illustrators Are Valuable In The Production Of Animation Films

How Artists And Illustrators Are Valuable In The Production Of Animation Films

Art work and illustrations have been developed by man for centuries through the use of various tools or equipment to narrate and showcase their work. As centuries have gone by, art work and illustrations have been accepted due to their unique nature. Both types of professionally perform similar tasks as they involve the principle art of drawing but are distinguished on the basis of material that the professionals are using . This article focuses on explaining the importance of artists and illustrators in production of art work.

Going further deep, art work involves a various forms of activities such as creation of original work, practice of art as well as demonstrations that depict real aspects possessed by characters. Art mainly portrays characters that are still while illustrations portray characters performing various acts along the storyline.

Illustrations as well as art are significant when producing animated films. First of all, artists provide a platform for the creation of characters that depict the subject matter of a narrative. This involves creating various aspects of a fictional character such as size, gender or specific body features such as shape of nose, mouth or eyes. Meanwhile, illustrators use the drawn characters in sync with a logical story to make it much easier for the audience to comprehend.

Alternatively, production of art not only involves creation of fictional characters, but also the provision of scenery that acts as a setting for the animation film. Illustration then involves use of determine various emotions that the characters are meant to portray when filming the animation. Illustrations will involve portrayal of emotions such as happiness, sadness or anger depending with the plot of the animation film. Portrayal of emotions is vital as they inform the audience of how these characters are feeling during a particular time. This creates a bond within the audience as they empathize with what the character is experiencing.

Furthermore, illustrations provide a basis for the creation of various voices or sounds that are projected by the characters . For instance, certain male characters have deeper voices to emphasize their dominance while female characters have softer voices to reveal their softer side as females. Alternatively, illustrators are responsible for determining the dramatic sounds that accompany various scenes within the film. A jovial scene requires a jovial tune to enhance the jovial mood being experienced. A sad scene requires a sad tune to reveal a sad mood being experienced by a certain character.

The role of an artist goes much further as they are responsible for creation of every detail that accompanies a character, however minute it may be. For instance, if the character wears particular attire, then they should be captured.

During the production phase of an animation film, the illustrator is supposed to notify the director on the movement of the characters as this is directly related to the original illustration. If characters are to walk in sequence, they should do so. If they are to run, they should run.

To wrap it up, it is crystal clear that illustrators and artists play a significant role when producing animation films. Their characters are the foundation on which animation films are produced for viewing. Failure to incorporate their views and output is catastrophic as the animation film ends up being a flop.

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