Locating A Challenger Rhd Conversion

If you own a left hand drive car and you are moving abroad you may wish to make some changes to the vehicle. In a lot of countries the cars will drive on the right and modifying yours will make things a little easier. If you a looking for a challenger rhd conversion there are a couple of options available to you and some care is needed.

A fair amount of mechanical work is required to make the car operate as a right hand drive model. The basic controls such as the pedals and steering wheel will need relocating along with some interior switches and mirrors. The headlamp aim will need adjusting and there will be some work required on the brakes, exhaust and suspension to allow the car to be driven safely on the roads.

There are a few ways to get these vehicle modifications done and it is important that you choose the correct one. You can send your car to a firm that specializes in conversions and get them to do all of the mechanical work. The second option is to buy a DIY kit and do the work yourself which is the cheapest way to get the job done.

Giving your vehicle to an engineering company is the better option for a few good reasons. The work will be done to a very high standard and when it is finished the car will look as though it was originally a RHD model. The work that is done will also be covered by a warranty and the company will continue to look after your car in the future.

Locating a conversion company is fairly easy and you should contact a few different ones to obtain a quote for the job. You will find many companies in car magazines and other adverts and they are listed online. Some of the web sites for the conversion specialists are worth reading as they will have some very useful information which you may find helpful.

If you want to do the work as a home project you will need to contact an auto store and buy a kit. Many stores will have a kit in stock or they will order one and you can also buy them online from a large number of retailers. The kit will be sent to your address with full fitting instructions and you may need to purchase some additional tools and equipment.

A kit conversion is the cheapest option and the car will operate well after you have done the work but there is a downside. A kit conversion will not give a good finish and many mechanical parts are going to be visible inside the vehicle. Levers, chains and springs will be clearly visible and this is something that you need to be mindful of before ordering a kit.

When you have had the modifications done there are a couple of important things to be aware of. The value of the vehicle may be affected and any guarantees offered by the manufacturer will be void. The company that insures your challenger will also have to be notified and your insurance costs may increase.

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