Tips On Choosing The Ideal Chair Lift Baltimore Machine For Stairs

If you have an elderly person in the house or someone that is physically challenged in some way, you have to think about how you will be accommodating them and their special needs. Some of the simple changes that can transform their lives include getting ramps in the house and installing a chair lift Baltimore machine for stairs. Below are some tips that will help you get the perfect lifts for your home.

The first thing you should put into consideration when you want to install lifts in your house is the measurement of your stairs. These measurements should be taken carefully so as to make the fitting of the lifts accurate. There should be two people when taking the measurements. The fist one should be at the top and the second one at the landing. Make sure that the tape touches each of the steps, the width of the stairwell and also the height of the stairs.

Another consideration to make is the configuration of the stairwell. There are homes that have straight stairwells while others have curved staircases. If the staircase is curved, the orientation of the elevator will have to follow. When determining the size and orientation of the stairs and the lift, it is also important to leave some space for foot traffic on the elevator. The ideal elevator should be installed and leave enough space for the chair to operate while people still use the stairs without an obstruction.

You should also make sure that the type of light that you choose will be comfortable for the ideal family. There are two different types of lifts which can accommodate different weight; the standard lifts can accommodate up to 300 pounds while the heavy duty can accommodate up to 600 pounds. This will give you the chance to make a choice and select the lift which will be ideal for your loved ones.

You should not forget to check the type of carriage; the reason being that this is where someone sits, therefore, it should be of quality. Inspect the seat properly to ensure that the height, the manual or power and the safety of the place. Some positions begin rolling before the carriage is locked which is dangerous.

The seat type is another feature to consider. The swivel seat is considered as the safest for the user. This is because when the swivel is not in operation, the user will be forced to move in and out of the carriage at the bottom and top of stairs. This increases the risk of falling, when the seat has a swivel design, it will be easier for the person to turn the seat and get in without climbing a stair.

The cost of the design is another important consideration. This depends on the design, the quality, and the manufacturer. It is advisable to invest in a good quality system for the safety and comfort of the user.

Those tips give you all what you need to know about shopping for lifts. Go for something which you will be proud of at the long run. This will come as a result of the service and durability of the elevator.

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Chair lifts provide an unmatchable solution for senior people and other people with mobility problems that make it hard to use staircases. Most people install them in their homes besides installing traditional stairs just in case they are needed. As such, it is important to be very careful when buying this device. When in need of a good chair lift Baltimore is one of the best locations one can be sure of finding the solution.

Basically, only two types of chairlifts exist, that is, curved and straight. Like suggested in the name, straight stairlifts are installed on stairwells that have turns, requiring the device to go around them. Most homes are installed with either the straight or the curved version, but others homes may have both versions.

The difference between curved and straight stairlifts does not lie in their ability to go around bends and corners only, but also in their prices and designs. Curved stairlifts are usually very sophisticated because of their mode of operation. The sophistication causes them to be more expensive than their straight counterparts. Straight versions cost between 3000-5000 US Dollars, while the curved models cost between 10, 000-15, 000 US Dollars.

When choosing a stairlift, the dimension and design of the house need to be kept in mind. The shape and size of staircase need to be measured in order to choose the right device. Some companies send their own engineers to inspect the staircase and take measurements. The system needs to be assimilated into the design of the house so as not to look like it is out of place.

Chair lifts come in three configurations, that is, standard, light, and heavy duty. The shape and size of stairwell determines which configuration is chosen. The standard duty models have the ability to support up to 300 pounds. Heavy duty models are more robust and can support over 500 pounds. Stairlifts need to have a breadth of at least 36 inches for heavy duty chair lifts to be installed properly.

Heavy-duty models of these devices feature very wide seats. The seats range in width from 23-25 inches. Even after the device is installed, other users of the stairwell should continue using it. There are many producers who produce systems that support dual use of stairwells. The depth of seats must also be considered if users are expected to be tall individuals. Models that have adjustable seat height are better in this situation.

Safety of the user is another very important consideration that one must keep in mind. It is often advisable to buy a device that has safety features such as swivel seat, seat belt, footrest, armrest, and cushioning among others. Swivel seats are particularly important because they allow exit from the chair at any position along the stairwell as opposed to the landings.

The device installed must also have the necessary accessories and controls to render operation simpler. For example, the location of controls should make access to them easier. Other accessories and features should also promote convenience of use.

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