You Can\’t Always Be Positive, But…

You Can\’t Always Be Positive, But…

In truth, you can\’t always be positive.

Why is that? Because without the negative times, how would you really begin to understand the value of the good times. You wouldn\’t. Instead, you wouldn\’t know the value of anything.

To be truly positive you have to be willing to suffer through the negatives. You have to be willing to fight through the dark times in order to see the light. Carl Jung once said, \”The brighter the light the darker the shadow.\” That statement couldn\’t be any truer.

Throughout everyones journey of self discovery, each and everyone one is looking to add value in life and become everything they are meant to be.

Even if the darkest of times, if we are willing to continue looking for the light, we will grow and grow and grow. But you don\’t always have to push for life being positive. You don\’t always have to make things look good. Rather, you should pray for a life that gives you exactly what you need to become who you were meant to be.

Everyone has gone through dark moments. Everyone has suffered through the worst of the worst. We are all challenged throughout our lives and some moments are darker than others. But we all can rise. We call can get back up and continue loving despite being through unloving situations. We can all continue to put our hearts on the line even if we have had ours broken to pieces.

So yes, always look for the light in the dark, but you don\’t have to always push for positivity when it feels inauthentic to you. Some days are going to be very hard and make you want to cry. That\’s ok.

If we can express ourselves through the tough times, we allow others to love us and care for us in our darkest moments.

Continue going through the struggle because it will give you access to deep amounts of love.

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