More About African American Heroes Missouri

More About African American Heroes Missouri

Located in Midwestern United States, the state of Missouri remains to be the 21st largest among the 50 states while at the same time being the number 18 when it comes to population. In total, the number of counties in this state amount to 114. The region was acquired from the French in the historical Louisiana Purchase, and afterwards named the Missouri territory; residence for the African American heroes Missouri.

The inhabitants named the state after the Missouri river that is located in this state. The river borrowed its name from the aboriginal residents of this region, the Missouri Indians. It is at times often referred to as the Show Me State, an official nickname that is also inscribed on the vehicles insurance plates in this state. The eight states that surround the state ensure that it remains to be landlocked.

The first black inhabitants of Missouri entered the region unwillingly as slaves in 1719, and they worked for the mining ventures of the French. At the end of the civil war, the people of African origin began living as free people. The African Americans self-esteem was boosted after their significance in the civil war, thus prompting the desire for their independence.

Among the first heroes was Sergeant Prince Rivers, who worked for the first South Carolina Volunteers. He acted as the spokesman for all the soldiers of African origin and he always ensured optimism among the people. Due to his efforts, the blacks were always hopeful for the dawn of a new day.

Booker T. Washington was an orator, educator and author who played a major role in the development of American history. He was also born in Missouri State in 1856, and in spite of his black background, he got many achievements including the opportunity to work as an advisor to different US presidents. He was among the last leaders born with slave parents.

Another important black hero in Missouri was Langston Hughes, born in 1902 at Joplin, Missouri. He did great works that criticized the rampant cases of racism in the United States. Many African Americans were empowered by his works, and they showed this by their numerous enrolments into universities at his time.

Missouri state has also brought forth many successful African-American sportsmen and women with James Bell being one significant example. He was born in 1903 and he is arguably among the fastest baseball players with his quick moves being described over and over again. The 1999 list of the best baseball players of all time ranked the hero at position 66.

Missouri State has also produced some of the best entertainers with Donald or Don Cheadle as a favorite example in this field. Born in November 1964, the actor, producer and director has defied all the obstacles of race to achieved great lengths in the entertainment and he has appeared in many TV shows and theater performances.

Indeed, the state of Missouri has produced many African American heroes who defied all the odds of racism to attain many admirable positions in society.

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