Choose Your Military Law Practice With Care

Choose Your Military Law Practice With Care

American soldiers are subject to distinct laws during both peace and war-time. When it concerns your freedom or career, you should trust only experienced council with your case. When searching for a Military Law Practice in Evergreen, CO, you should seek out a firm with experience in dealing with this complex body of law, which could include court-martials, records, veteran benefits, healthcare and family care.

Should you need defense regarding an assault charge, you’ll need to know that this is a serious offense. You may even be court-martialed. Conviction by court-martial can carry a sentence of a minimum three month confinement and forfeiting two-thirds of your pay for three months.

Of the three varieties of courts-martial: a summary type of court-martial is a simple process for those minor offenses. Officers can not get tried by a summary form of court-martial and enlisted personnel must agree to a summary type of court-martial. If the enlisted person refuses, the case may be tried through general or special court-martial.

The army’s personnel can also hire civilian counsel, as long as there is no expense to the government. This can help when you want advice from a lawyer from outside the army – you now not only have two lawyers, but you also have two perspectives on your case. You may want to take this route if, for example, you would like to claim for an injury suffered in an army hospital.

If the domestic violence abuser is a civilian, the army has no jurisdiction and will more than likely inform the local authorities. Base commanders have the authority to limit the civilians’ access, to protect their service members. If the domestic violence abuser is an army member, the army will attempt to resolve this through the Family Advocacy system, which will try to identify, intervene and treat this. Should this fail, they will handle it under the army’s own justice system.

A General court-martial is similar to a civilian felony conviction. The accused will be heard by an army judge, a prosecutor and defense lawyer will be present and the jury will consist of a minimum of five selected officers. The maximum sentence options could include death, confinement, or a dishonorable discharge.

There are instances where it must be determined whether the accused should be tried by court-martial (purely army offenses) or tired under the criminal law of the State or Federal law. A person may be tried by both, however not for the same crime as this would violate the double jeopardy clause of the Constitution.

Taking into account all of the above, don’t hesitate to approach experienced professionals from a Army Law Practice in Evergreen, CO. Select those who will support you. Choose someone who knows your rights! It wouldn’t hurt either if this person had a background in the army!

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