Influential And Famous Women In History

Influential And Famous Women In History

Women are an integral cornerstone in society. There are many influential women in society who have through ages, impacted on the society through various ways. These women are those that the world would not be the same, were they not present. To celebrate such women and the rest in society, every 8th day of March is set aside worldwide, to appreciate them and stage celebrations of motivating them to share their achievements and successes. Famous women in history date back since time immemorial, for instance those who performed impressively during the First World War, scholars, writers, and etcetera.

Extraordinary ladies serve as an inspiration for the current as well as future generations. Such women excel with economic, racial and personal barriers. Their stories are full of devotion, triumph, adventure and loss. In most parts of the world, such ladies are celebrated during the month of March. Countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada are just but a few countries that celebrate ladies on March.

Another honorable figure is Susan Anthony B. Word has it that she was the most influential and powerful organizer of women movements and advocacy in early 19th century. She is remembered for her struggle to ensure that females had their rights to vote, and was also very vibrantly engaged in fighting against slavery, bondage, as well as temperance campaigns aimed at limiting use of drugs and alcohol.

Also noteworthy, is Molly Pitcher, formerly known as Mary Hayes McCauley. She won the name Molly Pitcher, by bravery carrying water and other essentials to men in battles of Monmouth, in the year 1778. Eleanor Roosevelt is also noteworthy. She was an American diplomat, social influencer and reformer, writer, and also the first lady to renowned Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Elizabeth Blackwell, an academic, was the premier female to be awarded a degree in medicine by college. She attended New York Geneva College, having been rejected in all other major Medicine schools across America because of her gender. Interestingly, she forged ahead and founded a medical college explicitly for women, which trained other female physicians in America.

In the world of entertainment, Ella Fitzgerald is noteworthy. She is rendered one of the legendary females in the field of Jazz music, scooping a record whooping twelve Grammy Awards. She was also further awarded the prestigious Presidential Medals of Freedom, for her impressive works.

In India, Indira Gandhi won appreciation and recognition as being a key contributor in promoting a populous democracy. She became a very influential figure in India especially to women, extending her popularity all around the world. In the field of technology and computers, Grace Hopper made outstanding innovations, becoming a computer trailblazer. She developed one of the easiest-to-use computing languages, which was a critical advancement bin computer programming.

Elizabth 1 is another renowned and hitherto recognized female. This is spearheaded by the fact that she was Queen of England the time when England was developing into a major powerhouse in Europe in fields like politics, arts and commerce. She is known for uniting her people, and greatly contributed to England development.

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