WW3 Scenarios Lurking In The Shadows Of Countries In Conflict

WW3 Scenarios Lurking In The Shadows Of Countries In Conflict

People say that it was only a matter of time until we end up taking sides, hating themselves and each countries once again. We will go into battle. The thought alone is so frightening that nobody even want to dwell that it could be possible.

There are many things that could escalate the tension between countries. There are too many places that can spark WW3 scenarios when the going gets tough, and taking sides becomes necessary. Far too much will be at stake, especially on a global economic scale.

And people will find themselves taking sides. The biggest power conflicts defined the 20th century. It could happen again in the 21st century should the tension break walls. The possibilities are endless. The places where it could start are quite growing in number.

However frosty its relationship with the west these days may be, the country still needs so much more if it wants to engage in a full blown war with the west. What with the United States holding too many allies and economic power. Meanwhile, the middle east region has had countries being hostile towards each other, mainly after Israel became a state.

Silicon Valley and Shanghai are currently in a duel on the digital playground, trying to hack each of the system run by the other country. In hopes to be on top of the other when it comes to hacking advantage. Just to show each other that by all means, they can. At any day, it could definitely turn hot.

And then there is the standoff between North and South Korea with each country loving to hate the other. It does not help that North Korea is one of the least liked country these days. Its leader seem to be hell bent on remaining mysterious, away from the world, protecting its own walls. The nation has been likened many times to Nazi Germany since it seems to be worshiping the Kim family by requirement.

Its government is also by no means hiding pure hatred towards democracy and the United States and South Korea. It is believed that the next time America goes to war, will be by standing as an ally to South Korea. Which would mean China will retaliate against it, at sea, since they cannot take a shot directly at Uncle Sam.

Their long standing battle between Hindu and Muslim beliefs could spark yet another full blown battle. The two are also part of the nuclear club, so that it adds more tension to the other countries in Asia, not to mention the growing number of extremists that has been waging conflicts here and there. The global community itself has been extremely worried with attacks, after attacks.

While it may be true that these countries still are fairly amiable, the threat of a battle is so becoming that it is better to pay attention. No nation wishes to stand down, no matter the consequence, just to protect themselves and take what they deem is rightfully theirs. None of them will cease to fight when threatened, but when worse comes to worse, there better be something left for the next generation, and not just the painful debris of war.

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