Funny To Serious WW3 Scenario That Could Happen

Funny To Serious WW3 Scenario That Could Happen

Whoever says that politics is peaceful have not really delved into the real face of it. Its far from peaceful. Power is divided among different stakeholders and keeping balance and good diplomatic relationships with other leaders is always seen as a challenging endeavor. Still, this doesnt stop them from striving to create a harmonious relationship where people can live peacefully.

But despite all of these efforts to achieve peace, the clamor for freedom, individuality and the like continue to spark chaos from different areas of the world. So huge are some conflicts that it started to generate ideas such as ww3 scenarios which are believed by many to be an impending disaster waiting to happen anytime. And considering the current conflict we have on field, it has become easier to understand how this idea is slowly becoming a reality.

Many would dismiss world war three as something far fetched and even highly theoretical. But youll be surprised by just how much attention this idea is getting from a lot of people. You might have heard some of them. In fact you might even have a personal thought on what could trigger this worldwide war. Below however are some of the most outrageous one from the imaginative minds of theorists.

Gundam proliferation in Japan. Were seeing a very futuristic scenario in here that could happen hundreds of years from now if the worlds still intact. This idea might have taken its root when Japan introduced their life size Gundam display for all the people to see. Plus, the countrys technologically advance. Its only a matter of time before they create the most powerful military machinery man has ever seen.

KPOP makes more wave. They\’re entertainers. But the impact and influence they have to fans is something you cant underestimate. What happens when you bring this kind of influence to war or use it to get funds. Tons of possibilities especially when you start thinking on what they can do to curb the tension with the North.

Russia combining powers with China and Iran for an all out nuclear war. The combined power of the three spells disaster and chaos. But its easy for some to imagine just how possible this scenario is. After all, they are pro nuclear. They are said to have common enemies and are open to political compromise when needed.

Disastrous quake hits US. No machine has ever made to predict quakes. And should a great one occur, especially in a populated area like the US, damages to life and property could be great. Its something that even the world superpower will take time addressing. And while they\’re down, lots of insurgents and their enemies from around the world may use the chance to attack.

Germany rising once again with its modern Hitler equivalent. We are no longer new to the horrors during Hitlers time. Many were subjected to torture, so as manslaughter, and this is something that the majority wouldn\’t want to experience again. Still, the possibility is welcomed by many especially considering the influence and strength of Germany.

The idea about the third world war may seem outrageous at present. However, its not something that should completely be taken for granted especially considering the division in public opinion and political advocacy. It always help to stay informed and on guard. Be watchful.

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