Trio Minneapolis Assists Disadvantaged Students Scholastically

Trio Minneapolis Assists Disadvantaged Students Scholastically

There are a number of programs funded by the federal government intended to give motivated but disadvantaged children the same chance to succeed academically as their more fortunate schoolmates. TRiO is one set of programs that does just that. Over the fifty years of its existence, professional athletes, United States congressmen and women, Oscar winning actors, and astronauts have been the beneficiaries of the efforts of these grants. Trio Minneapolis is one of the entities that serve the mid west region.

This idea began in the nineteen sixties with Upward Bound. It was a direct result of the Federal War on Poverty. Upward Bound focuses on low income and rural students as well as first generation children. Tribal members are also eligible for consideration. Young people must be between the ages of thirteen and nineteen with college goals. It offers college preparation courses and college tours each year. There is now a Upward Bound Math-Science that focuses exclusively on these two subjects. It is designed for disadvantaged young people interested in future careers in all aspects of science and mathematics.

Sometimes talented and motivated students feel they no choice but to drop out of school because of a bad family situation that may be giving them too much responsibility at too early an age. Talent Search was organized to identify these children and help them find viable alternatives to quitting school. Today the program provides assistance to more than three hundred fifty thousand young people.

Student Support Services awards grants to colleges and universities to help them guide students through course requirements and to keep them motivated and on the road to graduation. There is assistance for those receiving Pell Grants as well.

For low income adults who would like to earn their bachelor’s degree, Education Opportunity Centers are available throughout the country to assist with the sometimes confusing financial aid packages available. Staff also offer assistance with the application process.

Members of the military can take advantage of the Veterans Upward Bound program. They can go in to get an education assessment, counseling and tutoring. This program also offers core class instruction as well.

The people who staff these programs have support and training through the Training Program. There are periodic training sessions, conferences, workshops, and seminars that assist employees in working more effectively with the clients they serve. The Training Program also prints manuals that are available to all staffers.

No country can hope to remain healthy and stable if a large segment of its population is uneducated, poor, dependent on government benefits, and living in poverty. In today’s world, young people can get left behind very quickly. When that happens, they may feel angry and hopeless and make poor, and potentially life threatening, choices. With a helping hand, many under served children get a chance to succeed and make great and important contributions to their country and the world.

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