How People Preserve The Wild Culture

How People Preserve The Wild Culture

Since before, there is really no exact definition of what it means. This is believed to be an area that is in between human doings and the things in nature in which they cannot control. There was once a person who made an illustration of a human geography and its background shows seen or unseen elements that are alive, in which people are not being aware of.

The image shows two planes, the foreground and background. Artists made a lot of illustrations on this wild culture, which is considered as an undefined idea until now. To be able for people to be attracted and be curious on this, the organization encouraged them to give questions concerning the art and the nature.

The organization told the public in the city palm beach FL that there is really a bridge between the landscape and the history. And for the public to change their views when it comes to this kind of things, the people must not argue economically, but also emotionally. This is because there are some people who acts politically when they are emotionally affected.

This undefined idea has made the artists, activists, and scientists interested on it. There are also projects which are developed by many organizations because of this term. Environmentalists considered these as an environmental organization and artists considered these as an art organization.

Because of their interest in this kind of idea, the organization has conducted three of their most known programs. First is the journal. This has influenced a lot of serious themes already. This contains the artist expression of their selves, through their camera lenses, of the native world. The word itself can purely say that all things cannot be defined easily.

It also shows the things that really matter to people and also to them. And these things have made contributions to the culture, nature, politics, science, society, and many more. It is said that the job of humans is to balance these things that cannot be controlled. And this journal is very interested in helping this kind of rebalancing work.

Their second program is the landscape reading. The artists lead this activity which is done outdoors. This activity makes the artists more interested on their personal lives and not only on the idea. While going to different places, they are also doing history, ecology, geology, and biography lectures. Because of this activity, authors learn on appreciating their own works more.

The last one is the cafe. This is made with the collaboration with the one of the most known bookseller and film programmer. It has a non theater style which has a variety of revues that caught the wild spirits of thoughtful irreverence. The revues include dance works, games and contests, lectures, and scientific explanations.

Other programs were also conducted by the organization aside from those three mentioned. A festival was organized to be able for festivals of art in some communities have the opportunity to present. But the project was being abandoned few years after. After many years, another project was being conducted which is based on the journal, and this is the online community.

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