How Does A Radiant Barrier Help And How Does It Work

How Does A Radiant Barrier Help And How Does It Work

Insulation and keeping the house comfortable is a necessity especially when the temperature reaches seasonal extremes. Sure and air conditioning units are available but they always cost too much when used for days on end. This is when people start getting innovative and use energy saving alternatives.

Dallas, Texas over 100 degrees for all 31 days in the summer of 1980, and this is still an unbroken record. Think about the poor dogs and children trying to enjoy the vacation in suburban areas like Richardson . At this point, using the AC unit alone is not enough. Insulation solutions can also be in the form of non electricity consuming devices. A popular option is the Radiant Barrier.

These reflective insulation systems are often put on the roof, usually above the attic. Since the attic is right below, the heat would not have the chance of reaching the rest of the house through the cooler areas of the attic. Without the insulation, the heat transfers from underneath the roof on to the attic floor and the air ducts.

Without insulation systems like these, the energy that the roofing absorbs from the sun goes to the cooler parts of the house. The sun strikes the roofing surface then energy travels through the material on to the side to radiate its gained heat energy on the the attic floor and the air ducts. The barrier lowers the radiant heat transfer from the underside of the roof to other surfaces in the attic.

The reflective insulation solutions are more effective in hot climates. While these systems are not going to eliminate the need of using the air conditioning system, it can reduce energy consumption from cooling devices for about five to ten percent. The structure, location and lifestyle of the house and the people inhabiting the space still play a vital role.

Positioning and installation of these reflective barriers are a vital factor of how well it can insulate. Note that the surface of the barrier should not touch some other surface. This will turn the barrier into a conductor instead thus defeating its whole purpose. There has to be air space above the area of reflection.

The effectiveness of this device depends on its proper installation. There are safety hazards in installing this and it is very important to follow manufacturer guidelines. Also check additional local building and fire codes as a precaution. Better yet, why not hire an installation professional to do it.

These radiant insulators are also used for windows. The window is coated with A layer of metalized polyester film. This coating is thin enough to let the light pass through. These layers are applied on the glass and then transfers radiant heat. Although moisture and air can damage the film, manufacturers use multiple pane windows to protect the radiant insulator.

There is an on going myth that due to the heat that is being transferred by the insulators, the shingles might get damaged. It has been tested that the temperature of these shingles does not exceed five degrees Fahrenheit and can withstand the heat on the roof. When the sun sets, the reflective covering lowers the roof temperature since the heat cannot go through the obstruction. According to large roofing manufacturers, shingle warranty is not affected based on having the barrier.

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