Call The Most Reliable Non Emergency Medical Transportation Brevard County Experts

Call The Most Reliable Non Emergency Medical Transportation Brevard County Experts

Brevard County is situated on the East coast of Florida, along the Atlantic Ocean, and encompasses Palm Bay – Melbourne – Titusville FL metropolitan area. The county is known as the Space coast due to the influence of the John F Kennedy space centre situated in the county, it also has the one of the largest number of residents requiring medical assistance. Non Emergency Medical Transportation Brevard County is in some cases the only means for these people to be able to attend their treatments on a regular basis.

With over 80 000 of the population of the county, falling into a category defined as Veterans, many of whom require constant non emergency doctor’s attention, moving these individuals around falls to the companies offering their services to the scheme administrators. One such company is Comfort Ride LLC, offering a fully professional transportation service.

The size and demographics of the area make these types of transportation services vital to all the residents requiring treatments and doctor’s attention. Companies have sprung up to fill this void, offering all manner of transportation to and from the various medial / treatment centers for the many numbers of patients in the county. Of the 10 hospitals in the area, only three are not for Profit and one has been named the top healing facility by the Baptist Healing Trust for the 3rd year in a row.

The State contracted transporters have to deliver a consistent high quality service in order to maintain their licenses, and affiliations to the State governed organization. Most offer a door to door service, assisting you to the vehicle, ensuring your comfort during the entire transport. Going that extra mile, assisting with check in at the medical centers, taking care of your safety the entire time.

Working closely with Adult day care facilities, assisted living centers, cancer treatment clinics, and rehabilitation centers. Vehicles are equipped with electronic lifts for Wheelchairs, and safety devices to secure the chairs once on board. Stretcher transport is carried out with two qualified and trained individuals to ensure the maximum safety of the client during their transport.

Generally a transportation service must include what is known as a wait time. This is the time they have to wait for the patient to receive their treatment and be returned to their home, facility or care center. Each State has a specification regarding the treatment waiting times.

Transporting companies with testimonials are always a good sign of an excellent service provider. Especially if you are trusting them with not your life but one of your loved ones. Patience, understanding and above all professionalism, these are very important assets in any company.

Non Emergency Medical Transport or NEMT as it is commonly known is an important benefit, it offers beneficiaries who need to get to and from the services but have no mean of transportation. The code of federal Regulations requires States to ensure that eligible, qualified beneficiaries have NEMT to take them to and from their providers. Each State’s aid programs differ and therefore it is important to ensure that your states program covers your needs.

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