Air Conditioning Repair Louisville KY

Air Conditioning Repair Louisville KY

Temperatures in Louisville, KY, can be unbearable in the summer. Indoor spaces often become somewhat of an oven under the baking heat of the sun. That is why air conditioners are a basic requirement in every home or office during the hot months of the year. Since these machines can break down, every property owner needs to have a reliable HVAC contractor to offer air conditioning repair Louisville KY.

Maintenance is the key to having a well-functioning air conditioning system. Servicing the AC on a regular basis will help to improve efficiency and performance as well as prevent sudden breakdowns. The job should be handled by a competent HVAC contractor with a great track record. Experienced HVAC professionals know how to troubleshoot air conditioners and can easily resolve any type of problem they may have.

All air conditioners have filters, which are used to remove dust and any other airborne particle that may be circulating in the system. With time, a lot of dust would have accumulated on the filters and prevent it from allowing air to pass through. Obviously, this will reduce the performance of the system. As a result, the unit will be forced to consume more energy and work harder to meet your cooling needs. This will increase your energy bills.

Thermostats can malfunction and fail to turn the AC on and off as required. They can also go off-calibration, which means they will turn on or off at different temperatures, which will lower home comfort. If your thermostat has malfunctioned, the HVAC professionally will either replace it, repair it or upgrade it by installing a programmable thermostat.

When in need of repairs, you have two options. The first is to request emergency repairs, which are often available both day and night. This is the best option if you cannot do without air conditioning. The second option is to schedule a repair service. This service is offered only during normal working hours and is best suited for those times when you can wait for repairs.

If the refrigerant in the AC unit is depleted, the machine will not work. The cooling contractor will simply inspect the unit for any leakages and recharge the refrigerant. It is important you ensure the right refrigerant is recharged. Changing the type of refrigerant will lead to poor performance of the system and may cause bigger problems.

There are many HVAC contractors in Louisville, KY, so you need to do a lot of research to identify the best one. Be sure to choose experienced cooling companies with all the relevant certifications. The technicians working at the company must be factory trained and certified to handle the type of equipment you have. Cost, reputation and quality of service offered by a firm are also important considerations.

If you want to reduce the chances of an AC breakdown, and at the same time improve performance, be sure to have your AC serviced on a regular basis. The process is not costly but can save you a lot of money. Moving parts are often lubricated, filters replaced and the entire system cleaned to ensure optimal performance. A maintenance contract is a great option for servicing you unit.

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