How To Carefully Select Fishing Charters

Having the chance to be out there and do your most favorite hobby can be annihilating. However, you would have to become critical with the charter which you are going to be in. Look into the several factors below and make sure that one is bound to have the best day of your life. Put your time into good use.

Be certain that your friends have already confirmed your invite. Remember that it will be best for your Cudjoe Key fishing charters to be intimate enough for your group to talk more about life. If you get the chance to pick where you are going to be, you must ask advices from the captain or do a comprehensive research on your own.

Pick the most basic kind of fishing activity in Florida Keys. Your friends still have a lot to learn and ensuring them with an easy catch can inspire them to join you in this nature trip. Also, try not to become extravagant with the size of the boat when you are on a tight budget. What is important is that the deck is accommodate all of you.

Set the specifications on the company which you want. If you are going to be with introverts, step up as the host of this outing. Learn how to drive this vessel before you send the invites. This will not only make you proud of yourself but it can also be a skill which you can share with them and have a more productive afternoon.

Choose on whether you shall do this offshore or not. What is important is that everybody can get a live fish and put more value into the whole experience. Try to be hands on with everything and visit the spots ahead of time. Make the set up perfect for your company and you might be guaranteed with a second trip soon enough.

You can stay for a standard duration of four hours and fully enjoy the whole experience. Fishes will be caught and you can have something to eat afterwards. This will be the complete package especially when this is the first water adventure of your friends. Make them realize that they are only living a small fraction of life.

Choose a private charter. Yes, a boat can be big for your selected company but what is important here is that you get to be yourself. You can shout like a child and your friends shall understand that you need this. You shall not feel limited especially when you are bound to pay a lot for the entire journey.

If you are feeling extravagant, a party boat can be made available. So, simply put yourself out there. Hire a disk jockey to put the right mode on. If this only happens once a year, it is certainly worth spending for and this can enhance your skills as a host too.

Spend on the vessels of those which already have a solid reputation in the field. In that way, there shall be no problem on your chosen date of adventure. A back up boat would always be there for you.

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Ideal Ventures In Building A Galvanized Pile Driver Business

Construction companies are using pile drivers so to drive poles into the spoil. It is greatly utilized to provide foundation support for structures. There is a variety of these equipment which are distinctly identified variously, depending on their uses.

Working with buildings and other structures requires keen attention. When it comes on such move, your galvanized pile driver service firm can definitely help up construction owners and workers with their trouble. A fascinating job is perfectly seen in here especially that these drivers are used for foundation support. Just be utterly sure and secured with your needs so to produce a good decision.

Studying and observing competitors are essential things to do so to help up with the buildup of your firm. If you long to operate a successful business then you have to be guided with your distinct observations. Check out their ways but be sure to produce your own tactics. Everything must be unique but be utterly keen in focusing on enticing measures to gain more clients.

Finances must be eyed and you have to be clear in grabbing for the amount which can rightly answer everything your company needs. To aid you in here, two ways must be faced. If you are looking for a quicker acquisition in just days then you will be delighted with how banks can provide you loans. But if you want to settle on your own savings then you are free to do so.

The creation of a business plan is tremendously important and you have to spend some time in facing it. If you are not knowledgeable in producing this distinct material then model formats are clearly available on the web. All you need to do is just to observe and study these samples but do not copy them. It is best to make your own so uniqueness is delved in it.

Liability assets must be faced and an assured responsibility should be focused. You need to get an insurance in here so protection is clearly minded. Consider authenticity as well by acquiring necessary permits and licenses. To help you with these papers, you may contact local authorities and the secretary of the state. As for your insurance, a provider is there to help you with that as well.

Constructing a business might be real challenging yet if you want to find easier ways for it then franchise options are highly great to be perceived. You have to find out dealings which can purely allure you. To help you with that, seeking for a reputable franchise dealer can definitely help you with the job. It is best to know the wholeness of these dealers so to be accurate with your option.

Gathering customers must be done and you can easily face it through the help of promotional mediums. To save up some cash then you will surely be fascinated with your creativity to produce your own leaflets. If you wish for a convenient work then paying for newspaper and television ads is totally prizewinning. Just be sure to join on social media sites in here.

Serving your clients is the general work you have to be concerned of. If what you are aiming is strong prosperity then better be distinct in giving them worthwhile answers to their needs. Answering everything must be done perfectly. Know your responsibilities and be sure to work with services which are gratifying.

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Factors To Consider In Choosing Boat Transport

It is very important for one to choose the right shipping company. You have to be prepared to fund all the money that would be required during this process. One should settle for the best boat transport companies that have been recommended to them by a friend. Getting the best shipping companies can be challenging that is why one needs to put some points into consideration.

It is important for one to check if they company they are considering picking is reliable or not. A legal company should have legal documents to prove it. It does not matter which carrier you choose ensure it has been legalized. Transporting your cargo using unlicensed companies could make you be handled as an accomplice of tax evasion.

Most companies nowadays have a way for customers to track their goods. A company that provides these services makes them sell more to their customers. You can be able to tell how far you goods are and how long they will take to reach the destination. Always ask from those companies what options they provide for you to keep track of your goods.

Look for the ratings of the company that have been given by the previous customers. Note both positive and negative criticism that has been given. You will be able to make a decision based on if the good outdoes the bad reasons given. Do thorough research of the profiles of the people who have given their feedback. If you can contact them do so for further inquiries to satisfy your curiosity.

The amount of money paid depends on how far the cargo is being shipped to or from. Consider the amount of money they are charging. If the amount is too high and you cannot afford think about another alternative. The quotation they give you should be inclusive of all charges that would be incurred during the shipping process.

Ask as many questions as possible. Before settling for a shipping company gets to know all information about them. Know the equipment they use maybe if your cargo is delicate or perishable. Let them tell you if there is a certain load of goods they cannot carry. If they avoid answering your questions you may consider looking for the next company as this shows they cannot be trusted.

It is important for the shipping company to know where the cargo is being picked or dropped. Be clear about it without specifically giving them the address until you are sure you want to work with them. Not giving them the specific address ensures that they do not get your goods without your knowledge. Giving them a hint helps them approximate on charges and the time taken for ones cargo to be delivered.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Do not settle for that company that has the cheapest fees. Do your research well to help you determine if the company is reliable. If you have a friend who often ships in cargo ask for their advice. Getting a wrong company could lead to lose of your goods so be very careful. Use your time and resources to ensure that you have left no stone unturned.

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Key Questions To Answer Before Buying Emergency Two Way Radios

When there’s a wide-scale disaster like a hurricane, earthquake, or flood, how do you communicate with others to get help? How do you reach out to family and friends to check on them and to see if they need assistance? During these catastrophes, the power grid may go down and cell towers may be inoperable. In such cases, you might not be able to rely on your cell or smart phone or landline.

That’s where two-way radios comes in the picture and helps in emergency communication. They’re by far the most reliable methods for communication not merely during crisis situations, but additionally when you’re off-grid in the midst of nowhere or in an outdoor environment. Two way radios, then, can also needed when you are hunting, backpacking, or fishing, along with other outdoor recreation in which you are unable to control the environment. During these emergencies or outdoor sports activities, two-way radios could be the only gadgets that operate.

Packing these radios in your survival or emergency kit will give you security and peace of mind. All you need to do is turn your radio on, push the talk button, and you’re ready to instantly communicate with a loved one or friend.

Two-Way Radios explained: They are communication devices that have the ability to both receive and transmit a signal, allowing someone to have a conversation with multiple people who are on the same radio frequency. This is different from a smart phone where you can only speak to one person at a time.

What are Two-Way Radios: They are radios that have the ability to both receive and transmit a signal, allowing someone to have a conversation with multiple people who are on the same radio frequency. This is unlike a cellphone where you can only speak to one person at a time.

Two-way radios are comparatively cheap and able to take a beating. They carry no user or roaming charges, contracts or monthly plans. Now let us see a few of the Two-Way Radio Features.

Range: Manufacturers often claim their ranges are around 40 miles. Then, when you test the two way radio, you might only get a mile and that anything over is just static. Ranges can never be achieved in the real world. The high estimate is based on optimal conditions, when the radios are in the same line of site, and without obstructions. Trees, rocks, hills, and mountains will restrict your range. Climactic conditions, metal surfaces, topography, walls, buildings and houses will also impede your range. Manufacturers says they test their radios on the tops of mountains and down in valleys, and based on what I’ve seen I’m comfortable saying they are exaggerating their range specifications.

Weight and Size: It’s more comfortable to keep your radio in a backpack or survival kit without it occupying too much space. And a compact radio means you’ll be able to carry it in your hands or pant pocket.

As far as the range of two way radios, Family Radio Service (FRS) bands have shorter range (around 5-6 miles) but don’t require a license. General Mobile Radio (GMRS) bands, which are more powerful, with a range between 8-25 miles, require a license.

Waterproof: Your radio needs to be weatherproof, able to withstand rain when you find yourself camping or skiing. However, waterproof two way radios are better choice they just don’t malfunction even after they have been submersed in water. You may as well want a radio that can float. The buoyancy permits easy retrieval if dropped in water.

Waterproof: If you are camping or skiing, your radio needs to be weatherproof and need to withstand rain. Some two radios floats too and can be retrieved if fell on the water

Now let us explore the Emergency features that emergency two way radios needs to support. Radios with Emergency Alerts send an emergency signal along with other radios in your group. Radios with a flashlight are effective in emergencies, like when there’s a power outage.

Voice Activated Transmission: You don’t always have hands free support in walkie talkies. Voice operated transmit (iVox/Vox) turns your radio into a speakerphone instantly, enabling hands-free communication. Weather Alerts: Weather updates or a built-in NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather radio from the National Weather Service is essential during disasters like winter storms and flash flooding. Following is few of the best GMRS survival radios in the marketplace.

MOTOROLA T605 35-Mile Talkabout T605 2-Way Radios: The T605 weighs only .54 pounds. (with battery). Included are 2 radios, 2 whistle belt clips, 2 NiHM rechargeable batteries, 1 Y cable adapter with dual micro-USB connectors, 1 car charger with 2 USB ports, and 2 USB charging cables.T605 cost about $119.99 The NiMHs last for 9 hours. 3 AA batteries last for 23 hours. The T605 features an emergency alert button, iVox/Vox, 11 weather channels (7 NOAA), a built-in LED flashlight, auto squelch, keypad lock and keypad tone and scanning. The T605 is waterproof. It can withstand submersion in water of up to 1meter for 30 minutes. It can also float to the surface. And, with the water-activated flashlight, it’s easy to find in the dark. The T605, unlike the T400, has VibraCall and PTT which, when activated, extends the transmission range by increasing the transmitter power output.

MOTOROLA T480 Talkabout 2-Way Radio: The T480, which weighs in at only .43 pounds, only includes 1 radio, which is sold for reasonable price. Incorporated are 1 Ni-mh rechargeable battery and 1 micro-USB wall charging cable. The following two features result in the T480 stand out. Aside from the emergency alert are PTT and NOAA weather channels, additionally, it includes a Radio which you can use to hear your preferred FM channels. The flashlight immediately switches on during a blackout and once unplugged so you always have light. The NiHM battery lasts up to 10 hours. 3 AA batteries last up to 26 hours.T480 is weather proof radio and complies with ip54 standards. To make it water proof and dust proof, the ports and openings are covered with rubber enclosures so that dust and water does not get in.

MOTOROLA T480 Talkabout 2-Way Radio : The T480, which weighs only .43 pounds, only comes with 1 radio, which accounts for the modest price. Included are 1 NiMH rechargeable battery and 1 micro-USB wall charging cable. Two features make the T480 stand out. Besides the emergency alert, PTT and NOAA weather channels, it also has a FM radio that you can use to listen to your favorite FM channels. The flashlight automatically turns on during a blackout and when unplugged so you always have light. The NiHM battery lasts up to 10 hours. 3 AA batteries last up to 26 hours. A drawback is that the T480 is weatherproof, not waterproof.But it may be OK unless and until you do not drop it in the water

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Things To Consider When Buying Stick Wax Online

Taping your hockey stick is a usual job for all hockey players in the city of Mounds View MN. For most players, taping the sticks can be considered as a ritual to develop new techniques and habits. In fact, there are several ways to tape the hockey stick. But for some players, the process of taping does not stop there. Once done, you can now apply a wax to the tape as the next step.

Basically, there are certain benefits that everyone can enjoy from waxing their hockey sticks. One of the best benefits of doing so is preventing snow and ice from acquiring on the blade. In addition to that, it would last longer and lead to effective control. For that reason, using a stick wax offers a great advantage for hockey players. But before anything else, you should consider first how to obtain the item from a reputable seller.

Some waxing products are only available online and for this reason, more and more people are now engaging in online shopping. As you can see, shopping online has become a huge part of the lives of many people but some still worry that their money and credit card will be provided to the wrong dealers. Basically, online shopping is here and protection continues to improve.

Actually, there are arguments that online buying is quite safer than purchasing on the phone or in person. But, it depends on the situation. Therefore, to ease your buying burden, you may rely on these tips to keep your shopping experience secure and safe. The first thing to consider is to ensure that you know the identity, location and contact details of the online sellers.

You should also check the reputation of the dealer as possible as you can. After knowing their identification, it is vital to ensure that the seller has a good standing in the industry. Do not assume that just because they have been in the industry for so long that they can already offer better online services. In fact, there are risks associated when purchasing directly in the shop.

You should also read the privacy policy of a company. Typically, reputable companies are open about how they collect information from their customers. Thus, look for a privacy policy and understand whether they use your data beyond the purchase transactions or if it passes to third parties involve. This way, you can end spam emails if you are careless.

Be sure to only use secure and reliable websites when transferring funds. If you are satisfied with the seller you are purchasing from, ensure that all information will be processed using a better connection. Also, be careful when entering your details. Check first if you have entered the right info including your address and the number of products to avoid problems later on.

Avoid email scams. Actually, this is rampant these days. These emails are developed to collect personal data from people. The most alarming thing is that emails appear coming from reputable sellers. But keep in mind that legitimate dealers will never send you some emails asking for your data and password.

As you can see, this product is useful for every hockey player. Thus, in order to get the best performance, make sure to acquire the item from reputable dealers. Of course, you will be spending your hard earned money for them and choosing the right seller makes a huge difference between getting the best and the bad ones.

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What To Consider When Hiring Mobile Bleachers

Organizing an event whether indoor or outdoor requires proper planning. You have to look for a perfect location, the food, weather and most important is the number of people to attend, where they will seat and if you may require extra seats. If you need more seating area, then you do not have to worry because you can always hire mobile bleachers.

They are perfect for providing extra seating arrangement to match your setup. In a case where your space is tiny, they fit in well, and the guests get to enjoy the event. For any of your event like sports, you do not have to worry where you will get seats from.

The on and off a roll of the bleachers makes them reassemble and disassemble the ground. That is why they are recommended even for indoor events. The bleacher will be comfortable even in some indoor places where the space is cramped. If you want to hire these services, below are some points to guide you.

The first thing that you should know is whether you need the seats. In some cases hiring the seats would be a burden compared to the event. Know if hiring the services will be good for you and if so then you can go ahead and hire the seats.

The next step involves determining where you can get them. There are multiple service providers who provide bleaching services. It is, therefore, important to conduct your research well so that you settle with the most reputable. You can start by checking their online reviews to have a true picture about their services. More positive clients feedback means that their services are satisfactory.

You have to know how many seats the bleacher can hold before hiring. You have always to keep in mind the number of your guests and have a maximum number to cater for any extra seating space that may be required. This is like security for you, to ensure you do not run out of seating space for your guests.

Be keen to inquire if they offer delivery and pick up services to their clients. This way you do not have to start running around after the event because they will come to collect the seats. You have to ensure this extra service is not charged to your rent out cost but is rather a bonus service.

The service provider should have a license and be insured too. There are many people offering these services, and some are not licensed. This means their business is not legal and in case of a problem you will not be able to get help legally. Check if the license is valid and the insurance cover should be up to date.

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What To Expect With Gator Hunting In Louisiana

People are at liberty to exercise their democratic rights as long as it is legit. In fact, it is believed that everyone is talented in their own ways. There are people who are good in singing, dancing, marketing, public speaking among many others. Right from childhood they discover the talents that they possess and only the lucky ones tend to live up to them. They can do so by enrolling for programs and meeting with other people that are like them. One way through which talent can be explored is through gator hunting in Louisiana.

It is a general perception that this activity is more profit generating as compared to other business activities. In fact, a documentation program known as Swamp people illustrated how professional hunters earn a living out of it. Their skins are on high demand since it can be used to make handbags, belts and shoes. Commodities that are made out of it are very durable and are more attractive.

Normally, one would be mistaken to think that they can be found basking in the sun. However, they are lucky to spot a few that do that. Most of them swim in the deep rivers to protect themselves from hunters. That is why they need to visit the local authorities to issue them with licenses and give them a general overview on all activities that take place in the area.

There are people who would like to hunt alligators just for the fun of it. They are not looking at making any profits whatsoever. The hunters at this place have gained experiences and are likely to lead you to the right places where you can get them. They will ensure that they equip you with all the necessary equipment and gears to enable the experience worthwhile.

No child below the age of 6 years is allowed into the premises since it is a no secure zone. The child should always be in the company of an adult who must watch them at all times. The cost per head are usually affordable and this makes it an option for all to consider.

Since alcohol and drugs cause impaired judgments, one is not allowed to take them during the activity. In addition, people are encouraged to include waterproof footwear, sunhats, sunglasses, insect repellents and many others. The firms maintain that they cannot be held liable for losses of personal items.

It is important for one to mark their calendars so that they can find them. During winter, they tend to hibernate thus hunting them is quite difficult. Since the individual has done their math, they can contact the tours and hunts firms to secure a booking on their behalf.

It takes time before one can be considered a professional hunter. One needs to be conversant with the wetland areas so that they can make the best out of the experience. Once the person bears all these factors in mind, they can make advanced booking so that they can catch most of them and document it.

To go gator hunting in Louisiana, simply review the essential info online. Make sure you explore our gallery first by clicking on this link

Improve Your Strength When You Buy A Paddle Board

Surfers right around the U. S. A. Constantly require the best execution out on a wave. This longing augments at whatever point accuracy is required in competition. Nevertheless, when they are swimming for unwinding purposes, they have to give total exertion. You can Buy A Paddle Board to help with getting better results in any type of water sports.

While Mesa, AZ inflatables alone don’t carry out the full muscle development a swimmer needs, it helps. You may hone your stroke however much as could reasonably be expected, going for the right arrangement every time. Notwithstanding, that alone won’t guarantee that you get the most ideal results at whatever point you are out on the water competing. Different variables are included with that.

For a noteworthy long time, polo players have had top quality contraptions made that help these men and women in different ways. Several ensure the feet of divers are safe when they land after a ricochet. Their pieces of attire are woven from sturdy fabrics that allow them freedom of movement without losing any of the quality that they might aim for to be open to success.

Right when a surfer fights to be the best, they understand that their equipment is designed for speed. They in like manner expect a strange condition of security with any gear they use. Wet suits secure each man or woman without making them lose focus in the water. So also, equipment proposed for other water sport lovers pay thought on every variable that affects their execution.

Envision a plank that has the ideal sweet spot. Presently envision hitting that each time you interface with the water. Planks that have been intended to augment this area are normally, a mess better for you to utilize. They expand your odds of seeing the outcome you expect when you associate with the ocean in training or competitively.

A compelling covering made of epoxy overhauls the hardness of panels. This outcome in stretched out offering solid resistance to wear too. Next to various charming purposes of interest, the truth is that a panel that is ensured in that way will last more than one that is not protected. That allows you to play and strengthen your body with it for more time.

People would like to exchange maximum energy between their body and the water while paddling. There is much you can do to guarantee that centrality your body sends energy to the board. When you hone a move again until you get it basically the way you require it, you can send a board gliding through the ocean.

With advanced inflatables or reinforced fiberglass, you can have lots of fun. So likewise, gear proposed for paddlers pays attention to each variable that causes their execution to become exceptional. While doing so, you build your body so that you improve your performance in any sport you like.

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How To Benefit From Jiu Jitsu NJ

The martial arts practice of Jiu Jitsu incorporates a wide range of body movements in a defensive and wrestling style of activity. The entire body participates in every motion requiring physical strength, endurance and concentration. With the performance of Jiu Jitsu NJ communities engage in mental and physical efforts to produce a balanced state and improve individual conditioning, health and fitness.

Reaching important physical standards and learning how to achieve particular goals with healthy exercise techniques can facilitate effective results. The challenges presented in each class will push individuals to overcome obstacles and introduce specific strategies to encourage well-being. Completing the range of steps can aid in creating successful results for the best returns and ensure that the basics are learned before advancing to other techniques.

Regular practice sessions assist in the performance of healthy tasks that include a degree of resistance and having to develop all of the upper and lower body muscles. The sessions include learning the basics from stability to tackling an opponent and performing blocks in a safe procedure. The variety of maneuvers are taught with the assistance of a skilled and experienced instructor to minimize injuries and maintain safety.

Having to pursue the different physical techniques and engage in daily practice develops a level of tenacity and persistence to work towards an end personal goal. Achieving individual objectives and working through obstacles can be achieved with each class and performance requirements. Implementing the necessary measures and support strategies can aid in achieving the best results.

It is important that the specific strategies are mastered to engage in safe classes and create strengthened and toned muscles. Jiu Jitsu is one of the most effective martial arts sports to lose weight and tone the body offering resistance training and increased cardiovascular function with every lesson. There are many different moves that have to be practiced and mastered requiring that all of the muscles are developed for a fitter and developed state.

Engagement in sporting actions can deliver a greater mental awareness and the ability to focus concentration. Skill development in physical areas assists in sustaining attention when performing specific tactics to assist in working through the mental blocks that become apparent. Implementing the necessary strategies can develop healthier and balanced results that improve overall wellness.

Develop a greater self esteem and increase your knowledge of self defense techniques that can be applied when under threat in real life situations. The move sets are based on mixed martial arts strategies involving a series of blocks and attacks to overcome an opponent. These techniques are taught to improve abilities, physical strength and build a more confident approach to achieving the best results.

It is important to enroll in professionally guided classes that includes the completion of different martial arts strategies for healthy and strong results. Enhanced resistance and techniques aimed at developing and toning the surrounding muscles can encourage weight loss and strength. An experienced and certified guide will teach mastery over the basics and encourage safe progression to more advanced martial arts move sets.

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To Find A Trainer In Kickboxing Scotch Plains NJ Should Be Prioritized

Kickboxing refers to a set of stand-up combat sports that are based on punching and kicking. These sports were developed from several other sports, including western boxing, Khmer boxing, muay thai, and karate. People practice this sport for different reasons. However, the most common reasons for practicing are fitness, self-defense, and as a contact sport. When in need of classes in kickboxing Scotch Plains NJ is the best location to check out.

The introduction of the word kickboxing to the world happened in 1960s by Osamu Noguchi. The term was intended as a Japanese Anglicism. Osamu Noguchi promoted boxing for hybrid martial art, especially karate and the muay thai art. The American variant later adopted the term. There are both wider and narrower meanings of the term.

The 1970s are the years that American kickboxing emerged. In 1974, it became a prominent sport. The prominence came after the first World Championship was organized and held by PKA in 1974, September. Various traditional styles are combined to make this sport, which makes it a hybrid martial art. When it was hybridized further, it led to mixed martial art. Brazilian jiu-jitsu and fork wrestling are some of the martial arts hybridized to form mixed martial arts.

Different rule sets are employed in this sport. Fighters only have to use higher kicks and punches in the American version. In other versions, knee strikes, elbow strikes, low kicks, and grappling maneuvers are allowed. However, even though different versions of the sport exist, they are all scored using the same scoring system.

There are three events under which a winner in a match can be declared. The first one is when a fighter submits. Submission occurs when a fighter quits fighting or when a towel is thrown in by the corner of a fighter. Secondly, a winner is declared when a fighter is knocked out. Thirdly, the referee may stop a match in what is called a technical knockout, usually abbreviated as TKO.

In a case where all the rounds are completed without a winner being declared, the fight is then scored by a team of three judges. The judges base on how each fighter scored in each of the rounds to determine the winner. A split decision from the judges means that there is a disagreement among the three judges about who won the fight. On the other hand, a unanimous decision is where all the three judges agree on who won the fight.

No single international body is responsible for governing this sport. Some of the international governing bodies are International Combat Organization, International Sport Karate Association, WAKO, WKA, IKF, and WSKF. Similarly, there are several world championships and champion titles issued by different promotions. Some famous promotions are SUPERKOMBAT, K-1, Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, and Glory.

Freestyle rules also go by the name international rules. These rules are very different because they allow low kicks and other maneuvers not allowed in full contact karate. With the exception of the groin, fighters are free to make punches and kicks below the waist. However, there are maneuvers that are forbidden. They include throws, knew, sweeps, elbows, and clinching.

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