How To Perform Carpet Installation San Diego By Yourself

How To Perform Carpet Installation San Diego By Yourself

Before starting the entire process of fitting a carpet one needs to get rid of the old carpet. An individual is also required to remove all types of mold in the floor. Make sure you also vacuum the old mat so as to ensure that you do not breathe dust. It also important to cut this old mat into small strips so as to ensure that it is being picked up with no difficulties. When performing carpet installation San Diego one need to start from one end of the room.

You also need to pull the mat from the tackles strips and then roll this mat up in sections. Most individuals basically think that they can actually reuse the underlay which is existing but mostly you will find out that this underlay is usually torn like the mat so individuals are encouraged to get rid of it as well.

Firstly an individual needs to start by taking the room measurements and carefully drawing the plan of the floor on a graph paper. It is extremely important to note any indentations and obstructions like a doorway, closets together with fireplace hearth. The floor plan is basically used in the configuration of mat laying that yields the minimum amount of waste possible.

Individuals are also advised to fix new tackles strips especially if the construction is new or in the case that the floor is made of hardwood or even the vinyl along the rooms perimeter however you need not to fix in front of doorways. A space of about half feet need to be left between the wall and the strips. You need to ensure that the pins or even the tacks are facing the wall.

When width is multiplied with the length then a square footage is achieved. If an individual needs to convert the number gotten into yards then he is supposed to divide that number by nine and the round up any fractions. If an individual is unsure of the whole carpeting plan then he needs to rest the whole process easily.

It is worth noting that some of these carpets have a weave or grains to their fibers that might actually be apparent in the case of fixing two pieces of carpeting at right angles with each other. After completing this process an individual needs to make use of measurements to calculate the amount of pad and carpeting that would be required in the whole coverage of the floor space.

In order to fit the mat properly an individual needs to start with that piece that basically overlaps the floor edge by a range of about five to seven inches. To ensure that the mat fits correctly you need to trim the overlay. In order to make a cut on the first section an individual is required to measure the longest side of the room and add some inches to the measurements made.

You are required to make some markings on the back of your mat with the measurements made and then join these markings using a chalk line. Make sure that you fold the mat over on itself and then use a very sharp knife to cut through the backside of that mat.

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