The Varieties Of Printing Methods For Business Cards

The Varieties Of Printing Methods For Business Cards

Business cards are types of cards that hold certain information concerning the company or an individual. Typically, it contains the name of giver, the name of the company and its logo, and contact details such as email addresses, websites, addresses, and contact numbers. A business card before were written only in black texts on a white stock. There are a lot of design aspects and color aspects used now.

These are usually made from a card stock, a type of paper which is thicker and is more durable than a normal paper. Some which are made in high quality and without having any colored photographs are often printed with spot colors. Many business cards Boca Raton are being printed with spot colors. If the logo is consists only of one color and it is used in a type with different color, this is called as a two color process. And because of digital and batch printing, it can be cost effective to print it in full colors.

Cards with full colors are often printed in sheet fed presses and the most commonly used is the four color process which includes cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. These can also be coated with an offset UV printing or the UV glossy coat. This is often applied similar to an additional ink on sheet fed presses. This means that the UV coat can also be used as spot coating which also means that the areas may either be coated or not.

These may be also printed with the use of digital copier. The digital copier will use a toner which is fused to a cards surface. But most printing firms today have been already using modern technologies like high end digital presses that is very different from usual copiers utilized in most offices.

There are many offices in Boca Raton FL who have a problem when printing heavy business cards stocks. The new digital press can print a stock with a 407 grams per square meter in weight. It can also print substrate materials such as made of polypropylene. Digital presses are available in both models of web fed and sheet fed.

A UV coat or an aqueous coat, another type of coating, are used to make the manufacturing of cards in a faster speed. Cards which are not dry may offset inks from one side to another side. A UV coating is highly glossy but may possibly leave fingerprints. Aqueous coatings are visible and will increase card life.

During the designing, there are bleeds provided when colors extend towards the outside of edges after trimming the product. Bleed is one type of printing which goes beyond sheet edges before trimming. Bleeds are used for ensuring that when trimming the papers, there are no white edges left.

For the Japanese, they call their business card as meishi. The name of company is placed on the topmost part and it has the largest print. Next to the company is the job title and the name of an individual. Other information is also provided such as the business address and contact numbers.

The information on one side is written in Japanese characters while the other side is often written in Latin characters. A meishi contains a QR code which makes it in a machine readable format. In Western world, presenting a meishi to another person became a ritual and formal thing.

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