Impress Your Guests With Singing Telegrams Bay Area Style

Impress Your Guests With Singing Telegrams Bay Area Style

Some people love to give parties. They enjoy making plans, picking out the decorations, and trying new recipes. Most of them do not care if the occasion is a wedding reception, a birthday, or a retirement celebration. If you are someone trying to come up with something unusual to surprise and delight your guests, you should consider singing telegrams bay area style.

Delivering a telegram seems like something that went out with the advent of the telephone. It certainly seems antiquated to many in this computer age. Maybe that is one of the reasons the idea has such appeal for a party planner. For those creative individuals who want people to be talking about an event for days and weeks to come, hiring a singer to serenade the guest of honor should have great appeal.

This type of entertainment can lend itself to a wide variety of special occasions. It could be something as simple as the child’s birthday party or something as formal as a corporate gathering. It would be a great surprise for an anniversary or retirement affair. Senior centers and hospital rooms could certainly be brightened by the sudden appearance of an unexpected musical telegram.

Depending on your requirements, the cost of hiring a singer is usually not prohibitive. If you have special needs or requests, there will probably be an additional fee. You might have a particular song in mind, for instance, that the company providing the entertainment is unfamiliar with. If they have to find the music, and someone has to memorize the lyrics, you will usually pay extra.

Make sure you understand what is included in the package you purchase. A simple birthday telegram performance will probably include a song by a costumed entertainer, party favors, and the telegram, of course. Many companies have party planners available to help you decide on decorations, refreshments, and themes. If you choose, they will usually handle all preparations and cleanup for the entire event, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your guests.

Entertainment of this type is pretty much limited to urban areas. If you live in a more rural setting or outside a city, you could ask a local party rental company about the possibility of hiring someone willing to perform for a single event. You might even know someone who enjoys performing and would have fun dressing up and surprising your guest of honor with a song or two.

If you are someone looking for extra money, have a good singing voice, and are not afraid to look a little silly, you might want to contact a party business to offer your services. Most of these companies need talent and are willing to pay you a modest fee. It could be a good summer experience for a college student. Senior citizens might also be interested in an occasional job.

People who love to throw parties are usually looking for something out of the ordinary to surprise their guests and make themselves the envy of their party planner rivals. This type of entertainment can help ensure that you a create the kind of event everyone looks forward to.

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